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Why is 1984 is considered a dystopian novel

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Chanelle Emond

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Why is 1984 is considered a dystopian novel

Big Brother and the Party
No religion

Why is 1984 is considered a dystopian novel ?
Big brother and the Party are watching everyone in Oceania almost 24/7 with telescreens and thought police. An example explaining the telescreens in the novel is, " The instrument (the telescreen, it was called) could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely" . (1.1.3) They are constantly watched and every facial expression, action or thought can be watched and reported to the party if its not to their liking. The only time your safe is for a couple of hours in darkness while you sleep. Big brother controls everyone into believing there was no past, nothing ever happened before now. History is being altered, there is no proof that life is better now than before the revolution. Everything lies in the proles but there unconscious. This kind of society isn't sane, it is very unappealing and unpleasant.
What does a distopian society mean?
A Utopian society is a society that is conceived to be perfect but a distopian is a society is the exact opposite. it describes a imaginary society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible. 1984 is a perfect example of this society. Here are the five reasons why it is considered as one.
The society is a illusion of a perfect world
The whole society is an illusion of a perfect world. The government is altering and creating a organization by the ministry of truth that alters all documents and history in favor of what big brother says. Big brother is always right, therefore what he says is done. An example of the government even controlling they way Winston's mind operates is when O' Brian asks Winston what 2+2 is in part 3 of the book. Winston knowing that 2+ 2 = 4 tells O' Brian that. O' Brian gets furious as 2+2= 5 according to Big Brother. Winston was forced to try and believe that it equals to 5 because that's what the government says, if he thinks other its thoughtcrime. Another example would be when the book starts off with Oceania being at war with Eurasia. When mid way through the book they say Oceania makes peace with Eurasia and declares war on East Asia. Winston sees people happily ripping down anti-Eurasia signs and replacing them with anti-East Asia signs. All the while, the speakers blare, "Oceania has always been at war with East Asia." No one questions this, even though they surely know it isn't true. After all, No one would want the Thought Police thinking you were remembering history incorrectly, would they? The government just wants everyone to think the same and just have a perfect society with no flaws. They want everyone in Oceania that the way there living is the best way.
Quality of life
No Love
In oceania there is no religion, they do not promote any religion belief or faith. Your only loyalty and belief is towards big brother who is considered "God". An example from the novel is when the government hid a telescreen behind a painting of a church. Which was so post to be thought of as sacred and peaceful place was really not at all. Winston and Julia got caught because of this, they thought it was safe! This incriminated them. Mr.Charington had been a member of the thought police the whole time and it was because of him they got caught. There should be the liberty to express or have your own religion every place in world. Except the fact Winston had to think of Big brother as a God even though he was the most hated thing in Winston's life.
Brainwashing makes the society distopian because the government is literally controlling what you think, do and speak. All to worship big brother. Children are against there parents and becoming loyal followers to the Party. There turning in people every chance they get, even their own parents. This is not normal at all. Unfortunately they are taught to do that and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it without getting caught. They can report whoever they want to to the thought police if they think there is any unacceptable behavior going on. For example at the beginning of the book the Parsons kids followed someone wearing old shoes around. They saw he was a foreigner and reported him . There father was so proud of that great little spies they were. By brainwashing someone its like sucking the life out of them and replacing it with what they want it to be.

Newspeak is when the government eliminates words that big brother doesn't approve of. Therefor the party is controlling what words you can and cannot say. Big Brother invents his own words to sound better than the actual word itself is. For example, instead of using the word bad you have to use the word "ungood" . One cannot even use their own vocabulary or express their own words or emotions all because of this New language. This is a horrible way of living, having to speak a different way or facing the consequences of perhaps being vaporized. A lot of the time Citizens of Ocenia contradict themselves on what they are saying because of this. This is called Doublethink. The main examples that are repeated several times in the book are "War is peace , ignorance is strength and freedom is slavery ". These are all examples of doublethink because one knows war is not peace but is being forced to accept and think that it is. Because there is such a limited vocabulary its hard to even have a true conversation. Certain words that mean something don't exist anymore therefor the people who didn't know about them before wouldn't even know they exist. For example if there was no word freedom you wouldn't no what it is.
The quality of life is really low. One has to eat the same food everyday which is horrible, disgusting, tasteless and bland. There is no pleasure of living in a nice home, which a nice family or anything. Everyone is living in crumbling buildings, dirty streets and not a good environments in general. Men can't even get a razor blade to shave, therefor most look dirty, rough unapealing. An example would be, that Winston couldn't buy his own pair of pajamas because they were too expensive and would waste too much money. Therefor he had to sleep naked every night. Living in horrible conditions is not a fun or enjoyable way of living at all.
Lastly, there were no emotions, no love. One only gets married to pro create. The only reason to get married in Oceania is to have a child. There are absolutely no emotions towards one another. An example would be that Winston's first marriage was a disaster as she couldn't get pregnant . He obviously did not love her therefor as soon as they found this out they separated immediately, not caring. The government actually promotes loneliness.
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