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raneem iqbal

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of ESPANA

By : Raneem SPAIN MAP OF SPAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN SPAIN FOOD IN SPAIN Spain is located in the south western Europe. it borders Portugal and France(Andorra). The population of Spain is 46 902 472 as of yesterday! The capital of Spain is Madrid. It is bordered by the Atlantic ocean,the Mediterrian sea and the Bay of Biscay. FLAG OF SPAIN
The flag of Spain is split into three sections, the top and bottom are red and the middle section is yellow. On the far left side of the flag, is the coat of arms. The coat of arms symbolizes the kingdoms of Spain. On the far left hand corner of the COA, going clockwise are in order are Castile, Leon, Navarre, and Aragon. Granada is symbolized by the pomegranate at the bottom. The two pillars at each side represent the two pillars of Hurcules. The scrole rapped around the columns saying "PLUS ULTRA" meaning the Spainsh lands beyond Europe. Some of the main tourist attractions in Spain are:
- La concha (beach) is the beach of the provincial capital
- Palacio real or ( Royal palace) is located in Madrid is the official residence of the king of spain and is used for state ceremonies
-Running of the bulls is a festival celebrated in the city of El Encierro and in the heart of the city takes place an activety which lets one dozen bulls out loose and people go infront of them and run away from them
- Alhambra is part fortress and part palace and part garden. From Alhambra you can see the city of Granada in southern Spain. Many tourists go to Granada just to glimpse the Alhambra. People want to go to Alharmbra because it was used for a fortress an 889 and was later converted into a royal palace by Yusuf I, the sultan in 1333. The most famous food in Spain is paella
(a rice dish originating from Valicia,Spain)
Below is a video on how to make it : MAIN INDUSTRIES IN SPAIN The main industries in Spain are : * Mining * Factories * Fishing * Farming * Tourism
Takes place on the fourth wednsday of August FESTIVALS IN SPAIN One festival in Spain is Tomatina : Tomato Fight The tomatina is basically the worlds largest food fight, thousands of people crowd the streets in Bunol just to throw tomatoes at eachother People do this in small town of Bunol BIBLIOGRAPHY gospain.about.com http://wanttoknowit.com www.mapsoftheworld.com www.wikipedia.org www.wiki.answers.com www.kidcyber.com www.youtube.com 94% of the population in Spain is Roman Catholic FACT FACT National day is on October 12 (1492) FACT The Cantabrian mountains separate Spain into two sections :
The rainy north
The dry south QUESTIONS 3. Where is the coat of arms located on the flag? 1. What is paella? 2. What is the tomato fight called? countrymeters.info CATALAN DONKEY The donkey is the unofficial national symbol of Spain
Goes back to the Osbourne Sherry company
They put up a large silhouette of a bull to advertise their company
Later on in 1990, a law was passed , forbidding thst kind of advertising
By that time the bull advertising was nationally famous , so they hanged the law and kept the bulls but removed the Osbourne name from them
Now a days we can still see them on the side of low hilltops
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