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Copy of Jonas's Hero's Journey

By Katie Tiemeyer

Lisa Rodrigues

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Jonas's Hero's Journey

Ordinary World
Jonas started to feel uncomfortable when he started to notice changes in an apple that he and Asher were tossing. He felt like something was wrong with him.

The Call to Adventure
Jonas was selected to be the new Receiver at the Ceremony of the 12s
Refusal of the Call
Jonas doubted himself and thought that they had selected the wrong person to be the new Receiver
The Beginning of the Adventure
Jonas received his rules and was suprised by how they contradicted the rules of his society. He went to the Annex to start his training with the Giver, and the door was locked. The Giver turned off the Speaker, which was going against the rules of the community. Jonas was given the memory of sliding down a snow covered hill on a sled as his first pleasant memory. His next pleasant memory was sunshine, another aspect they didn't have in his world. He was then given his first painful memory, sunburn.
The Road of Trials
Jonas started to receive many more painful memories, such as warfare, death, and hunger, which made him rethink his entire community. He then saw his father "Release" or KILL a newchild. He started to seriously doubt his community.
The Experience with Unconditional Love
Jonas had love and support from the Giver and Gabe to help him get through the hardships of the painful memories and learning more about his not so perfect community.
The Ultimate Boon
Jonas and the Giver came up with a plan to help the community gain the wonderful aspects of the world that Sameness and the government had eliminated. Jonas was going to run away to Elsewhere so that all of the memories he had received would be given back to the community as they slowly slipped away from him as he got farther away from the community.
Refusal of the Return

The Magic Flight
Rescue from Without
The Crossing or Return Threshold
Jonas wouldn't come back after his journey until the community has changed because he would be charged for treason and Gabe would be released.
Jonas took Gabe to save him from being released and left on a bike in the middle of the night to try and find Elsewhere. Because Gabe was going to be released, Jonas had to leave with Gabe earlier than expected, so Jonas didn't receive all of the memories of courage he was supposed to receive to help him on his journey.The kids were tracked by planes and suffered from freezing cold temperatures.
Memories helped Jonas and Gabe to become cold when the planes were trying to track their body heat. They also used memories to help them get warm when they were freezing cold. These memories helped them to continue.
Jonas and Gabe came to a snow covered hill and walked up it. They found a red sled at the top and slid down the hill into Elsewhere, returning the memories to the people of his community.
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