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Acrostic Definitions

No description

Computer Applications

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Acrostic Definitions

Acrostic Definitions
A-Analyze your life
N-Never give your life away
A-Always make time for yourself
L-Love people who will bring you up
Y-You will always prosper in life
Z-Zen always remember Zen, be calm
E-Evaluate your life
F- Face all your fears
A- Always stand up for yourself
C- Continue on your right path
T- To always stay on track
O- On and on you can go
R- Remeber your the better person
F-Forget your worries and cares
U-Up your games and activity
N-No other is greater the you
C-Continue on the path god gave you
T-Try to always fill you brain with intelligent things
I-Idiotic is something you don't communicate with
O-Omniac is what you go through
N-Never give up
S-Stake your greatest moments
T-To always know your going to prosper
R-Remember that your greater
U-Use your knowledge
C-Call up your Blessings
T-Tough love is always better
U-Up your game
R-Remember why God is here?
E-Ever wonder why God is here?
I-Is everything alright?
N-Never give up
T-To always pay attention
E-Everything is what you want it to be
R-Remember that you are successful
P-Paste your words into actions
R-Read into your life
E-Even when your down and everything's wrong
T-To always look ahead
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