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Copy of technology

technology in class

sarah dayan

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of technology

SHOULD TECHNOLOGY BE USED IN SCHOOLS? many different people have many different opinions on this topic. want to know what i think? My opinion is that we should let students use technology in schools. Because our modern world is advancing, dont you want kids to catch up too? Us as kids should be able to have the privelige to also use electronics in class aswell as adults use at work. Just because it helps us, it doesn't mean we're cheating and letting technology do the work for us... It means that we are getting more help to understand the work better. It's a new and efficiant way to do our work. Well yes there are some down sides on it, because of the distraction and not everyone agrees with this idea but you'd be surprised how many people would prefer the use of technology in schools now a days. Like take kids with dissabilities for example. They want to go to a normal school and be like other kids so we can't take that away from them; and we don't. but if we want to help them fel comferterable with other kids then they can use technology to help them in school to also do aswell as everyone else and not struggle. Also, technology is taking over our modern world, so if we don't teach our kids now in school about it and let them use it to do work it'll be even harder when they get older and it's used for more things. what it should be used for? now that's a diferent story... Now all kids would prefer to play around with them and not exactly do work. But that's what school is for. Although if we start to teach our students to use it to only do work, then they'll get used to it, and they won't find it that bad because at least they're using computers and technology. It's taking learning but making it more modern and fun for the kids. We want them to use technology as their new tools; like pencils and pens. but we want them to use it right. Like they use it for education purposes and emergencies, if necessary. Of course it costs lots of money, but think of it this way. We're spending more money on thousands of papaers each year ( and also harming trees) when if we all had our own electronic device; probably a laptop, then we'd save trees, not waste as much paper, it's easier, funner for kids, and better for the world in thay way. It's our future and we're the ones given the chance to begin it, why not start it now?
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