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Resume & Cover Letter Tips

No description

Jenna Wittwer

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Resume & Cover Letter Tips

How can I
get the job or internship
I want?

How do I get
Graduate Schools to notice me?
Steps to a resume
Research the company and position
Cover Letter

Professional email
Mailing address
1. Contact Information
2. Professional Summary
3. Educational Background
4. Experience
Highlight your degree, not just your major.
Think...Internships, Research, Volunteer experiences, Leadership in campus organizations, Part-time or summer jobs, Class projects etc.

Individuals who are:
- Creative and innovative
- Problem solvers and quick decision makers
- Team players with strong interpersonal skills
- Commited to building customer loyalty
- Detail-oriented

Work Experience:
- Previous sales or customer service experience
- College senior or recent college graduate

Creative and Innovative
American Red Cross- Fayetteville, Arkansas
Intern January 2014-May 2014

Improved 500 donors’ experiences by creating a walk-in Excel database that decreased wait time by 30%
Enhanced organization’s visibility by partnering with local organizations to gain 50 new quarterly blood donors

Who/What benefitted?
what skills did you use?
How was it successful?
Keep it OCC - Organized, Clean, Consistent
Focus on your accomplishments using numbers and percentages
Qualifications Wanted
Customer Loyalty
Tailor your resume to the job/internship posting
Steps to a Cover Letter
Introduce yourself
Outline your qualifications
Group Resume Activity
Get into groups of 2-5

Imagine you're a search committee looking for the best candidates for the Inside Sales Rep position with United Rentals.

Remembering the tips you learned today, look at the enclosed cover letters and resumes and decide as a group the top 3 candidates.

Note: Hiring managers typically look at a resume for 15-30 seconds. You'll have 5 minutes to review all resumes.

Be prepared to talk about your top 3 candidates and why they stood out.

Summarize & request next step

Identify 3 ways to make their resume and cover letter stand out to employers or schools.

Students will able to:
Describe an employer's process for selecting the best candidate.
Keywords from the job description include:
- Creative and innovative
- Problem solvers
- Team players with strong
interpersonal skills
Committment to customer
- Detail-oriented
Can you find any of these words in Ira's cover letter?
Step 1:

Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
It's time to play...
CDC Edition
Can you spot 6 pieces on Ira's resume that should not be included?
Before you leave, please complete our short survey.


U of A CDC

Customer Loyalty
LinkedIn URL

University of Arkansas Career Development Center (CDC)
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