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How to Write a Book Review

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Suzanne Skintveit

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of How to Write a Book Review

You are to write a book review about the book you have read over the last few weeks. The implied readers of the review are people your own age.

Write the book review in a word document.
Assessment criteria:

The book review should have a title.The title could say something about the theme of the book and your feelings towards it.
Directly below the title you write your name (byline):
Reviewed by (your name)
, adjust to the left.
Book facts should be put in a text box that you place in the right margin at the top of the text.
A picture of the book cover should be placed underneath the book facts text box in the right hand margin.
In the information part of the review you can include knowledge about the author, plot, main characters and setting. It is important that you do not give away too much information about the plot.
In the assessment part you can write about the point of view, composition, language, how easy the book is to read and if the language is suitable for the readers.
In the reflection part you should describe what kind of thoughts the book has given you, who you think it might be suitable for and if you would recommend it to others.
It could be a good idea to use section titles in your text.
It is important to keep your text free from language mistakes, punctuation mistakes and remember to focus on having a good structure. Avoid clichés.

Book review
In this part you should assess different aspects of the book you have read.
Title, Name, Book Facts
The title can say something about the theme of the book and indicate what you think of it.

Directly underneath the title of your review you should write your name (byline).
Review by Suzanne Skintveit

Book facts:
It could be good for the people reading the review to get some facts about the book.
Here you write the name of the author, the title of the book, name of the publishers, year of publication, genre, number of pages, and the numbers that belong to the books ISBN/EAN. You could write this part as a fact box.

You could do it like this (but in English):

More Information

In this section you should give a suitable amount of information to new readers.

You should:

Give a short presentation of the writer

Give a short account of plot, without giving too much away.

Include some information about the main characters.

Give an account about the setting of the novel.

It is important that you do not give away too much about the plot. This would spoil the reading experience for new readers.

English Literature
How to write a Book Review
Bjørn Sortland: Alle har eit sultent hjerte
Aschehoug, 2008
115 sider
ISBN/EAN: 9788203250262
Some key points:

What point of view has the author chosen and how does it work?

What do you think of the structure of the book (the composition)?

Did the author use any literary/linguistic devices that you particularly noticed?

Was the book easy to read? Why? Why not?

Did the author use words and expressions you liked/ did not like? Explain

Is the language of the novel suitable to the recipients of the text?

Some key points:

What thoughts have the book given you?

Who do you think this book is suitable for?

Give some reasons for why others should/should not read this book.

Your Thoughts on the Book
This part gives you the opportunity to share your opinions about the book. It is important that you write about your experience of the book.
Other factors

On these slides you have gotten a few ideas about how to write your own book review. Perhaps you can include a few other factors as well.

It is very common to use a picture of the book cover in book reviews.

Section Headers
A Section header informs the reader about what will come in the next section of the text. The Section headers should make the reader curious about the book review in order to make them want to read it.

Note that one does not use punctuation marks in titles.

Be Brief
A book review should not be longer than an A4 page.

You will find several reviews of your book online. Some might be tempted to take a short cut and copy other peoples work. This is called plagiarism and is NOT allowed. If you have used sources in your book review you will have to name these.

Your Work
This your presentation, your assessment and your thoughts that are to be visible in a book review. Perhaps your book review can lead to someone else reading the same book as you, or avoiding it completely.

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