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The Brain

No description

Olivia Matz

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of The Brain

The Brain
The Addiction
By: Iris, Ian, Jackie, and Olivia
When you consume drugs they hack into your brain and trick it into producing more dopamine than nessecary. Too much dopamine can effect how it will walk and communicate normally.
The Repeat Effect
When your brain goes through this effect, it practically kick-starts the dopamine daily. If you do drugs, it will hijack this system and make it so that your body feels that you need the drug. It will make you do even more than you should and put you in tolerance or in a "high" state.
Long Term Effects
It will eventually cause your brain to rewire your neurons even after you have stopped taking the drug.
Medical Marijuana
What do you think?
Medical Marijuana Continued
1. Stop hiv from spreading
2. Slow progression of alzheimers
3. Slow spread of cancer cells
4. Pain reliever
5. Prevent or help with opiate addiction
6. Combats depression and ADHD
7. Treat epilepsy and tourettes
8. Help neurological damage- concussions and strokes
9. Prevent blindness from glaucoma
10. Lower insulin levels in diabetics
Charlotte Figi, 6, has Dravet Syndrome, a rare, severe form of epilepsy. Doctors tried everything they could think of to get her daily seizures to stop. The family decided to try a new form of medical marijuana low in THC. Her parents say that Charlotte is thriving and seizures are reduced to once a day.
Medical Marijuana Use
Too many websites to list*
Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes people to lose their ability to resist a craving,despite negative physical, personal, or social consequences. People seek out nicotine and alchol, or engage in gambling, because it makes them feel good or lessens feelings of stress and sadness.
The effect of drugs
when people have an addiction that they want to stop but can't, that is when they use drugs which increses your dopamine levels. dopamine is a hormone that controls your level of emotions of; depression, excitement, and confusion.
What texting does to your brain
A new study has been done that constant texters are sacrificeing accuracy for expediency. a test was done with 300 children ages 11-14 and found that kids who used mobile phones performed faster on a battery of cognitive tests but they also made significantly more errors.
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