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Focus on a Musician: Richard Albert

World Music Musical Ethnography Project

Megan Albert

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Focus on a Musician: Richard Albert

Early History Involving Music Family Media Expression Current Projects
Science of Shadows Kristie Long, Gene Rice, Jack Waldhiem, Rich Albert Compilation Performance History First Gig: Elks Club Types of Performances Fondest Memories Playing Live Interview Recent Gigs Venues Different bands performed Rybrook Tavern R.T. Ryan's Science of Shadows Compilation of various artists (formed three hours prior to their first gig) Music Culture Focus on music with a Musician:
Richard Albert Musical Philosophy Live Performance at Ryan's Ideas/Environment AM Radio
Aesthetics Consideration of all artists styles Attention to artist expression Components Natural desire to create rhythm Form of personal expression Activities Bar performances Jamming with friends and fellow musicians Wedding receptions Graduations "Under the Tent" summer performances Music festivals Biker Fest "You can say a lot without saying anything at all" Continuous engagement in the industry One hit can change everything
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