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Black Like Me

No description

Briona Dixon

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Black Like Me

Black Like Me
by:John Howard Griffin Exposition About The Book Black like me is a autobiography diary based on John Howard
Griffin a white journalist from Mansfield Texas. He wants to know what it's like to be an african american
and he finds that the only way to truley know
is to become one himself. The book begins with Griffin
adressing the wonders and curiosity
of what it must be like for a Negro
in the deep south. (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. ) During the year of 1959. He wants a fitrther more understanding of the
truth. So he under gose a treatment of tremporaly changing his skin color. Rising Action Griffin decides to seek help from his good friend George
Levitan owner of Sepia magazine and Mrs. Jackson( editorial
director). Griffin wants to know if they could help with funding his experiment. He discuses his idea with them.They are all skeptical but decide to help him as long as he gives them some articles for their magazine.Grffin travels to New Orleans to
stay with a friend and find a dermatologist that will help him undergo his pigmentation treatment. Soon to realize
the struggles that will come his way. CONFLICT Protagonist and Antagonist
The protagonist is the author himself.
By setsting out on a personal quest to discover what it is really like to be a Negro.
He experiences how, many freedoms and rights that he enjoyed as a privileged whiteman that are now forbidden to him. Antagonist
Numerous rabid white racist that Griffin meets during his transformation to a black man .
Spewing racial posion and provoking racial unrest as to african americans and their deep yearninf for liberty and equality. Climax The climax is reached in the authours hometown, where he notes that a group of white racist hang his effigy painted half black and half white, and burn a cross at a local negro school and threaten to castrate him, after they have seen the articals
he's wrtitten. This becomes very painful for him and his family and are forced to flee to New Mexico for
security. Resolution This book ends when Griffin and his family flee to New Mexico for peace and sercurity after being threaten by racist whites. He prayed that Negros will not miss thier chance to rise to greatness to build from the strength gained through their past suffering and above all rise beyond vengeance . Falling Action John and his family leave his home and stay with a close friend until issues cooled off.
After returning home His interviews stirred up a lot of attention and John received letters from inspired people. Minor Characters Sterling ( shoe shiner)
Mrs. Jackson (editor for Sepia)
George Levitan(owner of Sepia magazine) Major Charater
John Howard Griffin himself Literary Analysis Black Like Me demonstrates the authors purpose of seeing the other "half of us", What is it like to feel the way the african americans did, you can't fight ignorence with ignorence, and equallity in justice. Example: When Griffin had metioned
that innocent african americans were
going to become racist against whites
adding to the kegfire.

Example 2:Griffin stated how he prayed
that they would rise above all that
has happend to them. Literary Devices Theme 1: Racsim-Vaguely indicate the empty
seat beside me , lettin her know she was welcome
to accept it
Her blue eyes so pale before, sharpened and spat
out "What're you looking at me like that for?'' Theme two : The evil of racsim "I looked up to see the frowns of disaproval
that speak so painly and so loudly without words." Imagery:
"Night coming tenderly
Black Like Me"

In the flood of light against white tile ,
the face and shoulders of a stranger -a fierce,
bald , very dark Negro - glared at me from the glass
at me frome the glass. He in no way resembled me. MOOD Startling and shocking( White's hanging an effigy of Griffin, burning a cross by local school)
but yet hopeful ( Griffins diary intries inspiring the world and being an opener to take notice of whats going on around you. Point of View The point of view is written from the author John Howard Griffin as a white man becoming an african american.
by changing just one thing (his skin color) he immediately sees how differently he's treated. Griffin mentions a few times how painful it is to him and how it must be for african americans. Allusions:
Black Like Me,The title is an allusion to John Howard Griffin's controversial Black Like Me, an account of the white journalist's 1959 journey through the Deep South, disguised as a black man.

Foreshadowing: "How else except by becoming a negro could a white man hope to learn the truth?"

Metaphor: "Rest at plae evening , a slim small tree
Night coming tenderly black like me.
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