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The Journey to France

No description

Pace Study Abroad

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of The Journey to France

The Basics
How to Prepare
Campus France Documents:

• ONLINE: Create a profile and complete application on Campus France
• Upload a head shot/ passport-style photo (format: JPG, size: 50Ko max)
• Scan and upload an official photo ID: passport, state ID, driver’s license (format: JPG, size: 300Ko max)
• Scan and upload an official acceptance letter (format: JPG, size: 300Ko max)
Pay Campus France processing fee

How to Prepare
Visa Documents:
• 1 application form for extended-stay visa, completed and signed.
• 2 recent photographs (2" X 2") - showing the full face, the forehead hairline and ears, on a white background; pictures must be without glasses, no scarf, nor hat, no smile in U.S. passport photo format.
• A copy of the student’s official acceptance letter or acknowledgment of enrollment.
• A copy of the e-mail message from Campus France (entitled “confirmation e-mail”) informing the student that he or she may begin preparations to apply to the consulate for the visa (make appointment, collect documents).
o A copy of receipt of payment issued by Campus France (does not apply to exempted students).
o Passport: The original and a 1 copy:
• An original and 1 copy of sufficient means of support
o An original and 1 copy of positive proof of residence in the geographic area for which the consulate is responsible.
How to Prepare
Special Cases

The French immigration (OFII) form should be filled out by the following students:
o ALL students who will be staying in France for more than six months (180 days);
o Students who will be staying in France for a period of time between four and six months (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be allowed to work in France while studying;
o Students who will be staying in France for a period of time between four and six months (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be allowed to work in France must apply for an authorization to do so at the Direction régionale des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l’emploi (Direccte). They do not need to fill out the OFII form.

How to Apply
Step 1:
Create an account on usa.CampusFrance.org
Note: Completing the Campus France online application Etudes en France process and the visa application process are the two distinct steps you need to take before departing for France.
Step 2:
Apply to Campus France
Step 3:
Pay Campus France Fee Online

How to Apply
Bon Voyage!
The Journey to France
Getting a Visa
Who needs a France Student Visa?
All study abroad semester and academic year students need a student visa in France. This type of visa allows you to study or do research work in France for periods exceeding 3 months (90 days).
U.S. citizens do not need a visa to study in France for less than 90 days.

What is a visa? Why do you need it?
A student visa is your
entry ticket
into France as well as your
legal standing
to stay in France for the duration of your studies.
A student visa grants you multiple entrance into France, meaning you may freely travel in an out of France’s borders while you’re abroad.

When you apply, you give the embassy your visa application and passport, and it is stuck into your passport on one of your empty stamp pages.

On the Menu
1. The Basics
2. How to Apply
3. How to Prepare
4. Final Tips

Final Tips
1. Attention to detail- International consulates can be extremely meticulous. They are not setting you up for failure, but they can be very particular about how they want your application to look. Read and reread the instructions a few times over to make sure you haven’t glossed over any details.
2. Be mindful of time- Account for error!

How to Prepare
Visa/Passport Return:

Passports will be returned exclusively by mail. On the day of the appointment the applicant MUST bring a self-addressed, prepaid envelope (prepaid labels with a
bar code or stamps + tracking number
) and a photocopy of it. The Visa Office will accept only prepaid priority envelopes from the U.S. Postal Service (no FedEx, no UPS).

Step 4:
Make an appointment at the French Consulate of New York OR the VFS Global Center- Depending on the date of your appointment- check france-visas.gouv.fr/us

Step 5:
Go to the consulate OR the VFS for a visa interview

Step 6:
Bon voyage!
How to Prepare
Campus France Documents:

EMAIL to Campus France: applicationfileUSA@campusfrance.org

1. Cover letter
2. Copy: acceptance letter
How to Apply
1. Campus France
2. France-Visa
3. In-person visa appointment
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