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Cardiology - Careers ISP

No description

Angel Feilice

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Cardiology - Careers ISP

By: Angel Filice Cardiologist: Careers
Activity Education and Training required Becoming a Cardiologist Courses/Requirements Highschool Pricing University Costs: Special Skills Needed Good Study habits
Social Skills
Attention to Detail
Job Satisfaction and Stress PROS + Job Description Specialized doctors study Cardiology, the study of the heart and it's functions. These doctors, called Cardiologists, specialize in this science, studying heart diseases, structure of the heart and the cardiovascular system. Their job is to provide diagnostics, treatment and intervention to their patients. High school Diploma at William lyon Mackenzie C.I.
4 Years of University in order to earn Bachelor Degree
3 years of Medical School at the University of Toronto in order to earn medical Degree (MD).
3 years of Residency and Cardiology training
Grade 11 and 12:
variety of different sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science and Physics.
Co-op at Hospital In Conclusion... After researching about this career opportunity, I am still very interested in this occupation as many aspects interest me. My interest in science and math and my strong academic skills can greatly benefit me in the medical field. I am very interested in learning about the human body, and how it functions, more specifically the human heart and cardiovascular system. The high salary of a Cardiologist is a very important factor as specialists make a considerably high amount of money. The quiet, more private cardiologist offices and workplaces are also of interest to me, as I prefer not to work in busy, loud, public places. Even though there are many interesting aspects of this career, there is one major negative aspect; school. For example, many years of schooling required to become a Cardiologist. To become a specialized doctor, atleast 10 years of schooling after highschool is required, which is a very long time in my opinion. This means that at the age of 28, I will be completely finished school.By researching this occupation, I have found many surprising facts. For instance, I have learned that Cardiologists make a very high amount of money per year. $400,000 a year is a lot of money, and contributes to living a wealthy lifestyle. At the end of my research, I have come to the conclusion that the process of becoming a Cardiologist is not what I expected it to be. You must be very dedicated and interested in learning and working in order to become successful. Although, I still believe it is an amazing, secure career choice, and I am very interested in pursing this career in the future. University/Medical School Obtain a Bachelors Degree of Science and/or Mathematics
Take courses such as
Need a GPA of 3.0-4.0 in order to attend Medical School
Med School will allow me to gain hands-on experience in a medical facility
Residency TUITION : $5450 a year
BOOKS: $1000+ per year
INCIDENTAL FEES: $1000+ per year
TOTAL: $29,800
Medical School Costs: TUITION: $21,089 per year
BOOKS: $1700 per year
TOTAL: $91,156

OVERALL COST $120,956 Community Involvement and Co-op 48 Hours are required to graduate from High School
I have earned 21 hours by volunteering at Toronto's Afro-Caribbean Fest, Downtown Toronto and at Faywood School's fun fair
Earn rest of my hours at Baycrest to get experience in helping patients Earnings and Working Conditions Salary for new Cardiologists : $250,000 a year salary for Experienced Cardiologist : Up to $400,000 a year Workplace: Small offices or clinics, accompanied by a small staff

- Cardiologists are always on call.

Working in a smaller more private workplace High salary of up to $400,00 a year Being on call 24/7 Many years of schooling is required: minimum of 10 years after highschool Related Jobs Many other medical-related jobs can result from becoming a fully licensed and certified Cardiologist. Physician
Many other Specialists
Different types of Physicians
Medical School Professor *These medical related jobs all require 4 years of university and medical degree. Special training may be needed
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