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Tricia Ellsworth

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Cheerleading

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Kaley Smith

In the 1920's females at the university of Minnesota began to form female cheer-squads and incorporate tumbling into their routines.
In the 1960's, NFL teams began to form professional cheer squads.
In the 1980's cheerleaders began to add more stunts to their routines and participate in competitions.
Lawrence Herkimer first invented the pom-pom, the spirt stick and the jump called the Herkie in the 1930's.
On October 23, 2014 cheerleading was declared an official sport in New York state!
In the U.S. around 80% of all schools have a cheer squad. There are about four million cheerleaders on Earth!
In the 1880's cheerleading was first introduced as an all-male pep club at Princeton University.
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