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Minimizing Depreciation on Your Most Important Asset

Small changes to help you slim down, power up and improve your health

Michelle Magnan

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Minimizing Depreciation on Your Most Important Asset

Michelle Magnan Minimizing Depreciation on Your Most Important Asset mmagnan@crescentpointenergy.com The Challenge Sleep:
7 to 8 hours
sleep smart Light matters! Jerks Communications Advisor, Writer, Blogger The fog Pick 1 or 2 to try this week.
That's it! Crappy is not normal Breakfast:
no joke
30 within 30 White food:
flour and sugar
pick your battles Booze:
cancer research
just say "no" Salt:
salt shaker vs. foods
cut where you can Weights:
no excuses
cardio vs. weights
body weight Veggies:
aim to be a rabbit
get creative Let's talk about more/less
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