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Medical advances of World War 2

No description

Madison Brown

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Medical advances of World War 2

Comparing before and after the war The advances of medicine during World War 2 was huge. It created many ways to save the life's of soldiers and other people. The advances made then like penicillin and ultrasounds are still used today. When they started using silk to stop bleeding by closing wounds to stop bleeding made a huge difference because it helped reduce the chance of infection in injured people. World War 2 had many medical advances. Medical advances after WW2 After the war there was many medical advances. There was advances in medicine such as the discovery of penicillin by Fleming in 1928. This helped control the infection in soldiers. Another medical advance during and after the war was the discovery of the ultrasound. It was first used to detect cracks in armour by tank engineers. They also invented a portable ultrasound to help find individual nerves. They also started using silk threads to tie up the ends of bleeding arteries. That saved blood and helped save life's. Medicine before WW2 Poem 1- The Glory of the Guns Poem 2- Zuydcote The sun shines on the dune the bunkers hide the undesirable all of them lose their innocence lost blood on the beach on the sea... guilty!
- Jan Theuninck TP Fast for "The Glory of the Guns" Madison Brown Medical advances during WW2 When the Battle Cry is spoken,
And the Voice of War is heard,
The soldiers of the Allies,
To battlefields do move.

The enemy is silent,
As if waiting for the sun,
Then they hear that awesome sound,
The booming of the Guns.

They shudder in their trenches
Within a gnawing fear,
Of knowing the Battery
Of 1-6-1 is here.

The shells come whistling all around,
And wreck and break and knock things down,
Creating havoc among the lines
And all that it surrounds.

The enemy has broken
In torn and tired dismay,
Those so inclined
Get down on knees and pray.

The Allies are victorious,
The enemy is on the run,
Once again they have been beaten
By the Glory of the Guns.

- Gunner MR Duncan *Title- The Glory of the Guns
*Author- Gunner MR Duncan
*Simile- The enemy is silent, as if waiting for the sun
*Personification- And the voice of war is heard
*Personification- The shells come whistling all around
*Onomatopoeia- The booming of the guns
*Meaning- This poem is talking about being on the battlefield and fighting during World War 2 and hearing the guns start firing and the glory that comes with winning. Before World War 2 there wasn't many medical advances. There wasn't much medicine or medical knowledge about ways to prevent infection or stop bleeding. Medicine and medical advances have came a long way through World War 2. This cartoon is showing how
Germany wants to control
the whole world. This is showing how the women
can help serve and fight with men. World War 2 Cartoons
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