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1st Grade Science Butterfly Lesson

No description

leeannah anderson

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of 1st Grade Science Butterfly Lesson

Butterflies! Have you ever seen a tiny caterpillar
in the spring?

Or caught a butterfly in a net? Did you know that a caterpillar
is a young butterfly? Let's take a closer look! Butterflies begin life by hatching from a tiny egg This egg is very small, like the size of pin head! The little caterpillar eats. A lot.
So much that the caterpillar can grow
3,000 times the size! What do caterpillars eat? Hamburgers? Pizza? Spaghetti?
Nope! Caterpillars favorite food are plants! As the caterpillar eats and grows, it gets to big for its skin!
What do you think a caterpillar has to do? The caterpillar molts. That means the caterpillar's old skin splits open and the caterpillar crawls out with a new brand new skin! After a few weeks, of eating and growing, the
caterpillar looks for a safe place.
Why do you think? You guessed it! The caterpillar wants somewhere
safe to go into a chrysalis. Here the caterpillar hangs
for many days without moving. The caterpillar hangs upside down for 9 to 14
days. When the caterpillar begins to emerge,
guess what? Look! The caterpillar has transformed into
a butterfly! The butterfly's wings are
wet so they will gently begin to move
their wings. Butterflies love flowers, especially bright colored ones.
They drink nectar from flowers for food! Butterflies smell with their feet!
They also use antennas to feel. A female butterfly will look for a safe place to lay
her eggs on a plant that caterpillars like to eat.
Why do you think she would do that? We just learned about the life of a butterfly!
Let's quickly review the 4 stages:
Butterfly You guessed it! So she can lay more eggs
and the life cycle can continue!
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