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JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

No description

dara affholter

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory #580
What we already know At 11:50 am JFK began his short ride to the Dallas Trade Market to deliver a speech.
It was a nice day so they decided to put the top down and roll down the bullet proof windows.
Kennedy and Jackie were in the back seat while John Connally and his wife sat in the front.
Mrs. Connally turned to the president and said "You cant say that Dallas isnt friendly today." But the president's reply was never heard because in that instantthe first bullet was fired.
The first bullet fired caused his arms to rise up the his chin. The second bullet missed. The third was the "magic" bullet.
The "magic" bullet came out of JFK's neck went through Connally's chest and then went through his wrist and then rested in his leg.
There is only one video of the assination.

What historians agree upon Lee Harvey Oswalds finger prints matched the ones that were found on the gun that was fired on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.
Agree that atleast one of the bullets fired came from the depository.
What type of gun was used.

What historians disagree upon That the goverment set up the assassination
The amount of shots fired
That there was more than one gunman

Hypothesis We believe that JFK was a part of his assassination. Heres why we think that! JFK had a "premonition" of his death.Kennedy told his aides who were traveling with him:
"Last night would have
been a hell of a night to assassinate a president. I mean it. There was the rain, and the night, and we were all getting jostled. Suppose a man had a pistol in a breifcase and he could have dropped the gun and the breifcase, and melted away in the crowd. If someone wanted to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it." How could he know the exact the way he died? Coincidence? We dont think so.
The police obviously backed away from the car after the president got shot, instead of rescueing him. President's wish perhaps?
It is coincidental that there is only one film of the assassination. Find that a little fishy?
Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald before he could testify. Ruby had some family ties with the Kennedys. Could it be that the mafia (Ruby) killed Oswald before he could testify and let out information that was to be held secret?
He planned his death so strategically that no one would be able to solve it and would always be left with unanswered questions. Why would he do this? Stress about Marilyn Monroe? Maybe he cared too much about what his country truely thought about him? His marriage life terrible with Jackie?
Too much stress with everday presidential work?
Wanted to leave behind a legacy? Wanted to leave with a bang (literally)! He wanted to always be remembered.
There is always a possiblilty of mishaps in the White House and their decisions that they make.
Cuban Missle Crisis and Cold War too much?
The goverment has always and will always have secrets that everyday citizens will never know. Citizens will be left in the dark with In the end, what you believe is yours to decide.
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