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Raymond Yulfo

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Raymond Yulfo

Raymond Yulfo
Tyler Karras

Why its patriotic
Joining the Army right after high school is probably mostly difficult on you're mind set and physically challenging. Also volunteering to go to the bloody Vietnam war is extremely brave, also showing his dedication to make his country proud and show honor to this country.
Sammy Davis showed the most Honor to his Sargent, the same Sargent that was shot in the fight that Sammy Davis got his medal from. Sargent Dawner held Sammy Davises hand as he was bleeding out in the middle of combat. All Sammy said he was thinking about was what were gonna be his next orders and how much he is thankful for Dawner being his Sergeant.
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis was a employee at a restaurant in a bowling ally when he saw Rodger Dawner get the medal of honor on t.v. Sammy Davis was born November 1 1946. Later on Sammy Davis received the medal of honor on November 19, 1968.
Sammy Davis stood out from other soldiers when he covered them in the fight. No other men had the courage what he did.
Sammy davis
Sammy Davis showed why he deserved to earn the medal of honor by doing his duties and carrying them out even when he didn't want to he just kept on and didn't stop he listened to his orders he was hard worker and he earned the medal of honor by having sacrifice, patriotism,honor, and valor.
After the battle Sammy Davis had the honor of holding his Sargent s baby. when sammy and dawner held hands in battle they knew how thankful they were of each other and if it wasn't for sammy that baby would have never been born.
Sammy Davis showed patriotism in multiple events. Fresh out of high school Sammy Davis signed up to join the army. Not only that but right out of training he volunteered to go to Vietnam.
Why was it sacrificial
It was sacrificial because of the effort it took to pull those men out of there also putting his life on the line.
Sammy lee Davis was nicknamed the R eal Forrest Gump
Why was it honorable
Sammy Davis showed sacrifice when he put him self out in the middle of the river to save 2 of his partners. one trip to the river took 45 min to get there, draining his energy after being put in to critical conditions.
Sammy Davis showed valor in various actions that day. But what was most important was when he picked up the m16 and used up 180 rounds just to cover his team mates knowing that if he didn't the men behind him wouldn't stand a chance.
Why was it considerd valor
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