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Could The United States Have Prevented World War II?

Could the US have prevented this horrible war?

Ryan Lynch

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Could The United States Have Prevented World War II?

Hitler's actions In 1933, Adolph Hitler became Chancellor of Germany
In 1934, He increased the size of the army, started building warships, and created a german airforce. Let's See Could The US Have Prevented World War II? In 1939, A war that engulfed the word and caused the Deaths of over 70 million people started. The United States did not become involved until December 8, 1941 after the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor. The United States and her allies won, but now a new question faces us... Causes Of World War II Treaty Of Versailles Hitler's Actions Great Depression Blames After The End Of World War I, The global economy collapsed. Unemployment rates skyrocketed, Countries all over the world suffered Chancellor of Germany, Adolph Hitler, blamed many of the problems on the Jews in Germany. These claims gained support, and soon Hitler had gained the trust of The German people Ultimately, after the Germans had begun to believe Hitler, they also began to support his actions that caused the war. When World War I ended, Germany was forced to sign the Treaty Of Versailles. Forced Germany to say that they had started World War I.
(Germany invaded Belgium, whcih Britain had promised to protect.)
Forced Germany to pay 6,600 million pounds for damage caused by the war.
Disarmed Germany: Germany was only allowed a small army and six naval ships. No tanks, air force, or submarines were allowed. The Rhineland area had to be demilitarized. Took land away from Germany and gave it to other countries.
The Treaty also forbid union with Austria. This Treaty... It Also... Hitler: "I Don't care, what they say! Let's Violate the Treaty! These people can't tell us what to do! We rule" (Suckers) Crowd: "Hooray for deceipt and murder!" Hitler Violated the treaty, but had already gained the support of Germany's people. (A Rough Translation) Hitler's frequent violations of the treaty were a big cause of WWII. Side Note. Britain and France were
aware that Hitler was
violating the treaty and
building an army, but
they were more worried
about the spread of
Communism, and be-
lieved that a stronger
Germany might stop the
spread of Communism. In 1936, Hitler ordered troops to enter the Rhineland region.
France and Britain could have easily defeated Hitler's small army, but did not want to risk another war.
Later in 1936, Hitler made two very important allies. Alliances in 1936 The Rome-Berlin Axis Pact This Allied Hitler with Mussolini In Italy. The Anti-Comitern This Allied Hitler with Hirohito in Japan This treaty also extended the war, because Japan was the last to surrender. In 1938, German troops marched into Austria.
A forced/fixed vote showed that 99% of Austrians wanted Union with Germany.
The Austrian leader asked France, Italy, and Britain for aid, however they did not want to risk war, and therefore did nothing. By now, Britain and France had been aware
of Hitler's actions for years. Now, they have
actually been asked to help, but do nothing.
In my opinion, this gave Germany more time
to strengthen before any action was taken. "Can You HEAR me NOW?" Hitler promised that he would not expand
Germany any more after union with Austria The "Munich Agreement" stated that Hitler could have the
Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia, if he promised not
to invade the rest of Czechoslovakia. In March 1939, Hitler invaded the rest of
Czechoslovakia. I'm not really a man of my word. Britain and France promised to take action if Hitler invaded Poland.
Prime Minister Neville chamberlain thought that Germany wouldn't risk war with France and Britain. However, he was wrong, and
Hitler invaded Poland on
September Ist, 1939. Darn it, I was wrong This marked the beginning of WWII. But could the United States have Prevented the war entirely? But could all of this have been prevented? Don't worry, this part is shorter... But no less important The "Big 3" These countries most likely could have
done the most to stop the war. The reason I'm not included is that even though I had over 6,750,000 armed men and/or trained reserves, I signed an alliance with Germany. We tolerated each other, and let each other begin to build empires on different continents. My state of mind was you do your thing, and I'll do mine, but I'll attack anyone who interferes with you. Italy: I was asked by Austria to assist them when Hitler invaded. However, I earlier formed an alliance with Hitler, and I became one of the Axis-powers. Italy: Most likely could not have prevented World war II. And Kind Of France and Britain: We were almost always aware of Hitler's actions, but did not want to risk war. We knew what he was doing far before he allied Japan and Italy. Our armies were more powerful and better trained. We were asked to help get Hitler out of Austria. However, we still did nothing, not wanting to risk war. Britain and France: Most likely could have stopped WWII,
especially if they worked together But How Could the US Have Prevented World War II Not Much Although the United States had a larger army
than Germany, they were simply not
aware enough of Hitler's actions Not really However, some things could have been done. But what? Well, there are a few things. But Not Many For starters, in 1939, the US had a much larger army than Nazi Germany was allowed. But of course, Hitler built up the army much larger than the treaty allowed, so the following numbers may not be accurate. In 1939, The US had an army of about 280,000, but 16,000,000 would later join to fight in the war. Germany was only allowed to have an army of 100,000, 36 % of the United States army. However, Germany (obviously) violated the treaty, and ended up building their army up to 13,000,000 people. Smaller than the US, but still a lot larger than they were allowed Germany was forced to surrender
when Adolph Hitler died. Most likely, the US could not have stopped the war, and the only way they could have shortened it would have been assasinating Hitler. (There were 42 attempts to do this, but all failed) Can't touch me! The US also could have payed more attention to the reports coming from Poland about the special attention Hitler gave to minority groups, instead of dismissing them as propaganda. The US also could have helped resistance groups stop the transport of prisoners to death camps. This only happened once outside of Belgium. (The exact coordinates of Auschwitz III were known before Germany surrendered, but no action was taken.) So the answer to my question... Could the US have prevented WWII? No, probably not. The US was simply not aware enough of Hitler's actions However, By assassinating Hitler, the US could have shortened WWII So...no, the US could not have prevented WWII, but they could have shortened it by assassinating Hitler. The End Could The United States have prevented WWII? By Ryan Lynch
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