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the ireland act

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shanelyse fontnanez

on 31 May 2012

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Transcript of the ireland act

BY: SHANELYSE FONTANEZ THE IRELAND ACT WHAT IS THE IRELAND ACT? The Ireland Act is an Act of the parliament that declared Ireland to be a Republic, and gave the President of Ireland power to exersise the relations that go on between Ireland its self and other countries as well.

Another way of saying Parliament is Oireachtas. WHEN & WHERE The Ireland Act was in Ireland between Ireland and Great Britain.
The Act was signed into a law in December 1948. The law came into force on the 18th of April 1949 Why the Act was made. The Act was made to gain freedom from the British Monarchy.

The British had control of the things the President of Ireland now has control of.

Even the people have a say in what they would like in their country. KING GEORGE VI He was born December 14, 1895.
He died February 6, 1952.
He was the second son of King George V
He joined the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.
He participated in WWI
After the war he married Elizibeth Bowes-Lyon in 1936.
When his father died in 1936 Edward was made king as planned.
Edward had to resign from the thrown.
George became king in 1936.
On the day of his acession the Parliament of the Irish free state removed the Monarch from its constitution. KING GEORGE VI THE PRESIDENT OF IRELAND DOUGLAS HYDE
Birth Date: January 17, 1860
Death Date: July 12, 1949
Took President Office: June 25, 1938
Left President Office: June 24, 1945
He was the first President of Ireland. WEBSITES I USED Hubpage.com
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