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savvy project

No description

Samantha Almeida

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of savvy project

by:Samantha Almeida
7th grade
may 1, 2013 savvy book project Part of this book takes place in
nebraska, in salina hospital in
kansas, it also takes place in mibs
house. the characters in this book are mibs and her siblings and they are gypsy,rocket,bobbi and samson also mibs momma and poppa ,will jr. and lester Conflict Mibs dad had a car accident and
now he is in the hospital and ever-
yone is worried because he might
die, at the same time its mibs 13th
birthday and she has not figured
out what her savvy is . Setting Some of the characters Why are the chatacters in the book? this characters are in the book
especially mibs because the whole book is about mibs 13th birthday that she has to figure out her savvy so without this characters there wouldnt be a conflict. how do you see the setting I see that the story mainly takes place in the bus and in the salina hospital because their in the bus to try to escape and get to the hospital and in the hospital when mibs finally figured out her savvy. My favorite character my favorite character in the book is
mibs or missisippi because she is a girl
that loves her family and worked hard
to get her savvy to try to save her dad Why is that your favorite character this is my favorite character because mibs tried really hard
to get to the hospital to save her
dad. my favorite part of the book my favorite part of the book
was when mibs was trying to escape to go to the salina hospital because this showed that mibs wanted to save her dad no matter what. why this was my favorite part this was my favorite part because mibs showed that she cared about her dad and that no matter what she was going to try to get to the salina hospital. Theme the theme of this book is about finding out who you are and how important a talent you have is special Plot a girl named mibs was supposed to get her savvy on her 13th birthday but on the day of her birthday her dad got into a car crash and was in the hospital mibs family was sad because he could die mibs was trying really hard to find her savvy but she figured out that her savvy was reading peoples mind if they had ink on them Pictures THE END!!!
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