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Copy of Copy of Drugs in sport GCSE

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Ric Sheard

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Drugs in sport GCSE

Smoking & Nicotine Human growth hormones (HGH)
increase muscle development, which
is why these are used by several
sports participants

HGH is thought to have fewer side-effects
than steroids

Erythropoietin (EPO) is used to treat people
with anaemia and it increases the production
of red blood cells and therefore the amount of
haemoglobin available to take up oxygen Peptide Hormones & EPO GCSE Physical Education

Performance Enhancing & Recreational Drugs Alcohol is banned in sports such as shooting
and archery, where it may be used as a
sedative (have a calming effect)

It is also banned in sports where it is
considered a safety risk, such as motor
sports, because it slows down reaction times
and impairs judgement

The long-term effects of alcohol include a
form of liver damage known as cirrhosis Alcohol Alcohol Smoking damages the cardiovascular system,
in particular the heart and the oxygen-
carrying capacity of the blood, and the blood

This has a negative effect on fitness,
especially aerobic fitness, and often results in
poorer performance

Nicotine, the drug contained in cigarettes, is a
stimulant which raises alertness and is highly
addictive Smoking & Nicotine Recreational Drugs Drugs that cause other hormones to be

As well as increasing muscle growth
and helping with recovery, they
increase the number of red blood cells,
allow the body to carry extra oxygen

We produce hormones naturally, but
they can be synthetically produced by
drugs Peptide Hormones & Erythropoietin (EPO) Peptide Hormones & EPO Peptide Hormones & EPO Drugs that have an effect on the central
nervous system, such as increased
mental and/or physical alertness

This group includes amphetamines,
ephedrine, and cocaine as well as
caffeine and nicotine

They increase alertness by stimulating
the CNS and help overcome tiredness Stimulants Stimulants Stimulants As well as heightening the risk of getting
longer lasting injuries, the side effects of
narcotic analgesics include:

- Loss of concentration
- Loss of balance
- Loss of coordination
- Emotional effects, including
hallucinations Narcotic Analgesics Drugs that can be used to relieve pain

These are used more commonly in
combat sports as well as used to return to
sport more quickly after injury

These drugs act by depressing the central
nervous system and give relief from pain

However by allowing an injured player to take
part, can increase the risk of severe injury Narcotic Analgesics Narcotic Analgesics Narcotic Analgesics Diuretics are also taken to reduce the
concentration of other banned
substances in the urine. The side effects
of diuretics include:

- Dehydration
- Dizziness and nausea
- Muscle cramps
- Kidney failure Diuretics Diuretics Beta Blockers can reduce a fit person’s
heart rate to a dangerous level. The
other side-effects of beta blockers

- Nausea and diarrhoea
- Tiredness
- Depression
- Insomnia and nightmares Beta Blockers Drugs that are used to control the heart
rate and have a calming and relaxing effect

Commonly prescribed for people with
heart problems as they maintain a low
heart rate and lower blood pressure. As a
result stress levels and anxiety are reduced

Used in target sports where steadiness and
precision are required, because they reduce
the heart rate Beta Blockers Beta Blockers Steroids increase aggression and some
athletes take it mainly for this reason. The
other side effects for anabolic steroids include:

- Deepening of voice and growth of facial hair
- Increased risk of heart attacks and strokes
- High blood pressure
- Liver disease
- Increased risk of muscle injury
- Infertility in women
- Death Anabolic Steroids Drugs that mimic the male sex hormone
testosterone and promote bone and muscle

The most commonly used to enhance
performance in sport, because they produce
improvement quickly

They increase muscle mass and develop
bone growth, therefore increasing strength
while at the same time allowing the athlete to
train hard and recover quicker Anabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids Performance enhancing drugs can enhance a person’s performance in some way, either in physical activity and training, or daily life. Performance-enhancing drugs include:

Anabolic steroids
Beta blockers
Narcotic analgesics
Peptide Hormones (erythropoietin/EPO) Performance-Enhancing Drugs Performance-Enhancing Drugs A drug is a substance that can be taken in
a variety of ways to produce expected and
welcome physical and or psychological effects on
the person taking it

Drugs may also cause some effects that are both
unpleasant and unwanted. These are known as

There are two main categories of drugs:
- Performance-enhancing
- Recreational What is a drug? By the end of this lesson pupils should:

ALL: Know about the different categories of drugs
(performance-enhancing and recreational) Grade C

MOST: Be able to explain the impact of
performance-enhancing drugs on wellbeing
and performance.
Be able to explain the effects of smoking
and alcohol on general health (Grade B)

SOME: Link the drugs to performers and understand reasons why they may have taken them. (Grade A) Learning Objectives By the end of this lesson pupils should:
ALL: Know about the different categories of drugs
(performance-enhancing and recreational) Grade C

MOST: Be able to explain the impact of
performance-enhancing drugs on wellbeing
and performance.
Be able to explain the effects of smoking
and alcohol on general health (Grade B)

SOME: Link the drugs to performers and understand reasons why they may have taken them. (Grade A) Learning Objectives (Revisited) Most people use recreational drugs on a
regular basis. The obvious ones are caffeine,
nicotine and ethanol (alcohol)

Although these drugs are legal, they can still
have quite negative side effects such as:

- Addiction
- Stained teeth and gum disease
- Lung cancer
- Heart problems
- Contribution to death Recreational Drugs Stimulants are also used recreationally
as well as to enhance performance, the
side effects of stimulants include:

- Insomnia
- Irritability
- Irregular heart beat
- Increased heart rate
- High blood pressure
- Addiction Stimulants Stimulants Drugs that elevate the rate of urine reduction

Certain foods are natural diuretics, but some
synthetic diuretics are banned

Diuretics increase the amount of urine
produced and increase kidney function,
therefore speeding up the elimination of fluid
from the body

This can help performers who need to lose
weight, such as boxers and jockeys. Diuretics Diuretics Beta Blockers Anabolic Steroids Starter:
Tear up your A4 sheet of paper into 8 pieces
On the pieces write down as many performance enhancing drugs
as you can think of.
With a partner discuss each drug and put them in order of which you
think are the most common.
Tear the second sheet up into 10 pieces and write down any sports performers you know that have taken drugs and put them with the drug they have used. What is a drug? Discuss with a partner Discuss with a partner why Ben Johnson
might of been influenced to use anabolic Steriods How might Beta blockers improve Tiger Wood's golf performance or help his game? What sports can you think of which might require
rapid weight loss? Discuss with a partner why a sportsman might take narcotic analgesics and what advantages it might bring! Maradona is quoted as saying" if it wasn't for cocaine he
would of been an even better player than he was" what do you think
and explain why. What steps would Lance Armstrong take to mask performance enhancing drugs and why take them?
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