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Kind of Mouse Bungee Prezi by Nakjin Choi C.E.O of H2S.,Inc.

Nakjin Choi

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of intro_iClip

We have an idea and Product More Simple Desire Already Think Different iClip but we don't like this * Small
* Portable
* Free Space More Smart More impressive * Flexible * LED we did we found One more thing Prezi by Nakjin Choi
CEO of H2S, Inc. Thank you ! and * USB Prezi by Nakjin Choi
CEO of H2S, Inc. Side by Monitor PC to iClip USB 2.0 on the Table Still on the Table Flexible Cable Mount Biz Logo Made in KOREA Mouse Bungee * Update *Biz Logo as you Know Worst Plan 8 Patent Pending with Biz Logo Do do do Result of Viral Marketing Before Launching The German Gaming Industry example
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