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I was bored in a mock session

Aamnah Khalid

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of MUNs

What Happens at MUNs?
The Committee
Dying of heat and hunger
wishing for Entertainment session
Random guy stripping and dancing to Fevicol DURING entertainment session
The pretty bimbo with the blue mascara is there to meet France
Saying shit in fancy words
Disapproving looks from AC guy (USA) because he expected more than the chair
DELEGATES................. DECORUM
France trying to convince Pakistan that he owns her because he gives her aid and that iPhone in her hand was bought with it.
The boys think the delegate of Pakistan is a boy not a girl because she is the only girl taking part
Saarim(the chair) smiles at you evilly because he set the crisis to challenge you
Delegate of Iran keeps asking for more water
The other girls flirt with the cute ACD and avoid the one who looks like he will rape someone
China asks for your number to start working on papers. You give him email address.
Maheen disapproves of someone as shareef as you having lunch with the Newlands couple (guy was France)
Guatemala tries to bribe you with pizza
Sana starts whining how she will not win an award and disgrace the society
Except for Socials. I didn't attend that because I'm a nerd.

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