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Third State Finance Commission Website Presentation

Jigish Panchal

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of TSFC

The Blog The Quiz Blogs Updating Blogs Daily Engaging Readers Commenting on Blogs To Increase Readers Creative Quiz Quiz with levels.... ...Incentives for Quiz Winners Capital as such is not evil;
it is its wrong use that is evil.
Capital in some form or other will always be needed. Mahatma Gandhiji THANK YOU Welcome to
Third State Finance Commission
Technical Presentation Logo &
Name of Department Persistent Navigation Menu WCAG Accessibility Bilingual Website Social Media Integration
for Citizen Participative
Responsive Focal Images
Showcasing Events Displaying Messages from Authorities Photo & Video Gallery
Showcasing highlights of events Link to
Vibrant Gujarat Website Persistent Footer throughout the website Displaying Current News in continuous scroll Web Based Online Application Manage & Share
Data Collected from:
Village Panchayat
Municipalities Application will have... Multiple Modules Import Facilities
Admin Area
Filter Search
Viewing Rights to other departments Citizen's Suggestions
for investing grant in most needed and effective places An Overview About TSFC
Contact Us
People Suggestions Video Gallery
Photo Gallery
Media Corner
Messages from Authority
Useful Links
Link to Vibrant Gujarat
Sitemap District
Municipalities Website Features provided by Cybersurf Standardization / uniformity for Graphic User Interface (GUI) implemented using features such as
Web Designing with Web 2.0 Approach Features
W3C International Web Standards
Cross Browser Compatible
Centralization of data Standardization of components
Standardization of Department of Science and Technology Guidelines by Indian Government
WCAG 2.0 Level Compatible Content Management System (CMS) Implemented along with advance features such as content classification, search engine and related content. Website Additional Features Integrated Photo and Video gallery
Updates News easily
Updates Publication easily
Submit Feedback Form Online Hit Counter with Analytical Reports
Uni-code Gujarati Font
Site and Advance Search Feature Integrated Admin Panel Admin Panel Admin Panel CMS - Admin Panel Features Upload the content without any technical knowledge
Fast and easy creation of pages
A choice of top, middle, left and footer menus
Multilingual content support
Tree structure hierarchy to manage website
Inbuilt style sheet Manager
Photo & video uploading facility Customized feedback form creation
Site summary & matrix
Dash Board
Inquiry Management
Event Management Unique page URL, title, meta description and meta keyword facility for SEO
Publishing, reviewing, editing and deleting facilities(Authorization) 3rd Finance Commission
2nd Finance Commission
1st Finance Commission By Jigish Panchal @ Cybersurf (India) Gujarat
Third State Finance Commission Technical Presentation Summary Report
Local Finance Data Base
Devolution of Taxes and Distribution
Expenditure Norms and Grants-in-aid
Augmentation of Resources Means and Measures
Debt position of Local Bodies
General Observation
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