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No description

Madison Walker

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Cholesterol

What is HDL? "Good cholesterol" smallest and most dense of the lipoprotein particles. <HDL prevents heart disease.
HDL< increases risk. What is LDL? "Bad cholesterol" <LDL builds up in arteries and forms plaque. How much is "too much?" For LDL:
Very High <100 mg/dL
100-129 mg/dL
130-159 mg/dL
160-189 mg/dL
190+ mg/dL For HDL: For Triglyceride: <150 mg/dL
150-199 mg/dL
200-499 mg/dL
500+ mg/dL
Very high How to improve cholesterol: Eat a heart-healthy diet! Exercise. Don't smoke! At least 30 minutes of physical activity
a day. <40 mg/dL

60+ mg/dL Below normal (at risk for heart disease) Contains lipids, proteins, and phosolipid monolayer. Normal
Near Normal
Borderline High Normal Normal
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