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Ancient Egypt and Kush

No description

Susan Cooper

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt and Kush

Ancient Egypt and Kush
What do you think is happening in this picture?
Geography and Ancient Egypt
Geography played a key role in the development of Egyptian civilization

Key Terms and People
Nile River
Mediterranean Sea
Jordan River

The nile rushed through rocky, hilly land
The Nile created a fertile , flowing north from east Africa, it empties into the Mediterranean Sea
Human Settlement along the Nile
Nile River Valley was surrounded by the Libyan and Nubian Deserts, providing important natural barriers
To the north was the Mediterranean sea
offered another natural barrier
fish and other kinds of food

Every year Egyptians
waited for the Nile to flood
The Nile helped farmers grow
wheat, barley, fruits, and vegetables , cattle and sheep were raised
Nile Valley provided natural irrigation and fertilization
every summer the river overflowed
when water levels decreased, a thin layer of SILT was left behind, making the ground perfect for farming
wildlife included fish, ducks, geese, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, and ostriches
Besides food, the Nile also provided
natural barriers, making Egypt hard to invade
Kings Unify Egypt
The king of lower Egypt ruled from Pe
wore a
crown to symbolize his authority
Nekhen was the capital of Upper Egypt, king wore a cone-shaped
reeds and papyrus
Most important environmental factor in early human settlement
Rivers, lakes, inland seas
Source of food
Shape and elevation of land
Mountains-(con)hard to cross hills. What is a pro?
River valleys: great for growing crops
Plains-farmers needed flat, open land
Deserts-hot, dry. Sandstorms

many kinds
Trees, bushes, flowers, grass, reeds
Plants were a food source: wild plants and crops
People made products like baskets, tools, medicines, rope, and paper
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