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on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of URANIUM


"Where is Uranium Mined?"

Australia is one of the largest uranium deposits in the globe.
By:Chanel Le,Raymond Tien,
Michelle Nguyen and Fiona Khuu

Once uranium ore has been extracted and processed, the final product produced as a result of this is
uranium concentrated solid known as
"yellow cake"

Active mines
Olympic Dam
The term 'transport' is used in this document only to refer to the movement of material between facilities.
The facilities for the different stages are usually on the same site, and no transport is then required.
Two ways in which 'yellow cake' is processed
Dynamic Treatment
Acid Heap Leaching
Australia is home to around 40% of the world's uranium reserves
Four Mile
Crushed and grounded

Processed and purified

Washed and filtered
Precipitated and dried
Extracted from the solution using a solvent
Ore is crushed down into particles
Sorted by agglomerator using water and acid
Heaped up by stackers at the leach pads
Acid solution is added on heap
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