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CGG Project

No description

Kate Milby

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of CGG Project

Who am I? Kate Milby High schools and Leadership My strengths and areas for improvement! One of my areas for improvement... My last strength... One of my strengths... My image in applications, interviews, and met people... How to handle the extra work... I have grown socially... And I have grown as a participant in class. I have grown as a pupil... Since 6th Grade... I have grown from 6th grade as a person. I have become more mature, and I know how to handle more situations that have been thrown at me. Also, this year I have tried to be in less dramatic situations with everyone, and to try and become friends with more people. This will make the year less stressful, and more enjoyable. From the 6th grade experience, I have learned to manage my time more effectively. When I get home from school I go straight to doing my homework, and do not linger trying to figure out what I could do instead of my homework. Managing my time also includes figuring out what the most important homework assignments are and preparing them, as well as figuring out when to do the smaller homework assignments. When I was in class I used to finish my conversations with my friends, instead of stopping right away. Now, I have tried to become better about my talking habits and try to get the class quiet by me being quiet. Also, in class I try to raise my hand when I know the answer, not only when I think I know the answer. This is so I participate more effectively, not only more. In the fall, I would like to present myself as confident, smart, and excited to explore every high school I am applying to. This image I believe would make me look like a good candidate for a school because it will show what I am like on the inside, and it is a good representation of myself. Handling the work will most likely be difficult at the beginning, I'm not going to lie. One way I could make it easier for me to do is get all my high schools in order this summer so that when the time comes I know when I am going to visit them in the fall, when I will do their application, and how to do their application. This will make the application process simpler when the time comes in the fall! If my time is easier in the fall, the regular school workload will be manageable and do-able. I think that one of my weaknesses is always being quiet when necessary. This is one of my weaknesses because I am a chatter box that is hard for me to stop. I have become better at being quiet when necessary, except there are moments when I am talking when I am not supposed to be. For the next trimester, I am going to work towards this goal, and will try to be quiet at all necessary times. I think that another strength of mine is organization. Organization to me is putting everything away correctly, and being able to find and use it successfully in the future. Organization to me is very important because it makes classes easier because you are not always wondering where something is, instead you know exactly where you put it, and why you put it there. I believe that one of my strengths is completing homework assignments. This is one of my strengths because I have figured out a system of writing down my homework in my planner, or on my computer which is efficient. This works for me because in every class I know I have written down the assigned homework, so when I get home I am not missing any assignments. What is my future? How I would like to present myself in the fall... I would like my image to represent who I am as a learner, and who I am as part of a community. I would like them to see in my applications and interviews that I play many sports, and also that I participate well and try my hardest in all classes. When I meet someone, I would like to seem intelligent, and very interested in that person and the school that they represent so that I make a positive impact when leaving the conversation. What does it mean to be a leader? A leader by definition is: The action of leading a group of people or an organization. This definition although is correct, does not represent what I think a leader is. I think being a leader means that you can command a group, but in a friendly way that makes everyone compromise or agree on one idea. A leader is not someone who tells everyone what to do, and how to do it, they are people who others can look up to, who people aspire to be. If I am considered a leader I am honored because by my idea of a leader, it is positive.
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