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Movie magic

No description

katlyne declerck

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Movie magic

Movie magic
Katlyne Declerck, Wannes De Ridder, Jannes Moerenhout and Kaat Vandenbussche
Summary: From Gimmicks To FX
movie making

• Very expensive
• New experiments: - 1920: sound and color
- 1950: widescreen formats
- Recently: FX
• FX (special effects)
- ‘gimmicks’: additional value
- add odors
Ex. 1959: Behind the Great Wall (50 odors through the airco)
1960: Smell-O-Vision (smell of food and pipe smoke)

William Castle

• Low budget horror movies:

(life insurance policies)
- Tingler (jolts in the seats)
Thirteen Ghosts
Ghost glasses Increase anticipation Scarier
House on Hounted Hill
(inflatable skeleton)

entertainment + a lot off profit

Further development:

: crack ribs
Disadvantages: too succesfull => disturbs other theaters

House of Wax
: Movie in 3D (special glasses)
Disadvantages: eyestrain

In the future: IMAX- very scary

Quote: “Check with you cardiologist before seeing this film.”

Summary: A Big Gorilla Started It All
• Life:

- fascinated by the stop-motion => “King Kong” (1933)

- Started experimenting early

- Studies:
trick photography

• Career:

- Special effects creator (late 20th century)

- Legend and inspiration to technical wizards

- Stop-motion animation in films

- Animated shorts for Paramount Studios

- His success: “Mother Goose Stories”

- FX work
low budget
science fiction monster films

- Evolved to fantasy/adventure stories in colour

• He retained close bonds with his family
- Father: the ball and socket joints
- Mother: the fur coverings
No assistants

• 1992: lifetime achievement Oscar

• Film => vehicle to showcase his talent,
marked with
- taste
- imagination
- kinetic magic

Ray Harryhausen

Jason and the Argonauts

• Ray Harryhausen
• The battle scene:
- One-foot-tall model skeletons equipped with joints
1. Photo in one pose
2. Adjust the skeletons slightly
3. Again Photo
4. Repeat
Illusion of objects moving on their own
- Skeletons fighting with 3 live actors
- Process: 4,5 months


• Ray's replaced by :
SCGI + performance-capture animation

• “King Kong” and “Lord of the rings”
=> inspired by Harryhausen

• Today: on DVD

Extra Information
Film director: James Cameron
Leading roles: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
The story: - different class
- jump off the ship
- Roses' boyfriend = jealous
- collides on a iceberg
- Rose survives and Jack dies

1998: Academy award for visual effects
Miniature of 14 meters
Digital Domein: water, smoke etc.
Ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien
The back of the set: green
The Hobbit
The Story: - journey of Bilbo Bagings
Adventure / fantasy
$200 million blockbuster
NOT computer generated

iconic hallway fight scene => 100 foot rotating hallway

water comes rushing in through the windows of the Japanese dream castle => 13 000 liters of water

action movie => people's dreams
PASIV-device => steal or plant ideas
mind games => physical reality = fantasy subjects => real world
photo-realistic approach => truly outrageous imagery
pay attention to details
supervisor = Chris Corbould
- 52 years old
- FX coordinator
- Academy Award for Best Visual Effects
- Skyfall and The Dark Night
Summery of the texts:

From gimmicks to FX
A big gorilla started it all

Extra information: special effects in movies

- Titanic
- Inception
- Avatar
- The hobbit

Film Director: Peter Jackson
Joe Letteri: - °1957
- graduated 1981
- first movie 1989
- 4 Oscars
- Weta Digital
Making of the dragon Smaug
-Same technology as in
-facial expression of an actor

facial expression of a dragon
-mocap suit

dragon that moves very naturally
Revolutionary animation techniques (Weta Digital)
Director and writer: James Cameron
Extra: it took about 200 million US dollar to make Avatar
World of Pandora = wealthy scientists
Jake Sully
The scene:
Abstract objects simulate movie objects
Scene 3D
Laboratory: only reallife scene
The characters:
Similar to the animation of the scene
Actors have cameras attached to their forehead
Any questions?
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