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Cree Spiritual Beliefs & Traditions

No description

Sydney Hopp

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Cree Spiritual Beliefs & Traditions

Health & Cleansing
either mental or physical
based on balance
performed by healers, medicine men, or medicine women
specialists and generalists
sometimes gender-specific
medicine people can travel and gain knowledge from other worlds
Beliefs in Life & Death
Cree believe in spirits, visions, and dreams
death is only physical
spirit doesn't change
circle of life
very honorable in life and death
spirits can communicate with the living
variety of spirits visit in dreams and visions
deaths are dealt with in many different ways
Rites of Passage
"Walking Out" ceremony
Ceremonies & Gatherings
Talking Circle
Round Dance
Healing Journey
In Summary
health & cleansing
beliefs in life & death
rites of passage
ceremonies & gatherings
the Three Day Road
Cree Spiritual Beliefs & Traditions
The Sweat Lodge
turtle shaped frame
canvas/tarp roof
spirit fire outside
spirit fire can only use wood, tobacco, cedar, sage, and/or sweetgrass
~recieves energy
~wisdom & logic
~gives energy
~trust & innocence
~determines energy
~illumination & enlightenment

~holds energy
~introspection & insight
Vision Quests
Musical Events
Cultural Productions
Sun Dance
Kice Manito (Gitchi Manitou)
spirit for every living thing
Oskaskog-Wask (Green Grass World)
missionaries accompanied Hudson's Bay traders to Cree land
missionaries confined the Cree to reserves
worked with the gov't to "civilize" the Cree
Niska and Niska's father are both the medicine people of their tribe

Niska's father was forced to kill Micah's family to cleanse their tribe of the Windigo spirit that had come to them

Niska uses stories to heal Xavier because he is between the South and the West section of his life journey
Xavier is a strong believer in signs and visions

Niska and her father are both "fortune tellers"
the people of the tribes come to them for advice and guidance

Xavier reminisces about how he had to bury Sean Patrick
he preferred the methods of bereavement that he had practiced in his tribe which was placing the body in a tree
Three Day Road
the number 3 is relevant to Native and European culture
Xavier finds the number 3 everywhere
the Three Day Road is the journey one walks before death
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