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Copy of Space Case

No description

Beth Gryczewski

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Space Case

Space Case
Your Mission
You and your group were selected to go on a space mission in an attempt to contact life in other galaxies. The association for monumental and Educational research In chasing aliens (A.m.e.r.i.c.a.) has had success doing this in the past and they believe that they have found a planet with life forms living on it.
It is in the Day-go-blah system.
The Situation
As you hover over this unknown planet, an explosion occurs on your space shuttle resulting in a major malfunction and a large fire. you are not sure if you were attacked or if it was an internal malfunction. you will have to abandon your space shuttle and contact this unknown planet.
The Problem

Decide who and what to take with you.

in addition to your group, there is only room for four others to join you.
Who are they?

You only have room for five other items. What do you take?
The Crew
along with your group, the following people are also on the shuttle:

Astronaut (Pilot of your mission)
Doctor (he was severely injured in the explosion and may not live)
interpreter (she is not sure if she can speak the language of the aliens on this planet)
religious leader
scientist (She is very close to discovering the cure for several diseases)

The Supplies
The following items are on your ship with you:
20 all-time greatest novels of earth
additional oxygen tanks
army knives
first-aid kit
guns & ammunition
peace offering for the aliens
radio to contact Earth (minor damage in the explosion)
seeds (they grow quickly and in nearly any environment)
translation book for all known languages
video camera & data storage units
The aliens do not trust your group right away, and therefore do not take you in. You are forced to survive on your own. The planet is very swampy. there is plenty of plants but it is difficult to tell what is poisonous.
Year: 2075
Location: deep space in a galaxy far, far away
The Aliens love to listen to stories - if you took the books gain 15 points.

Movies also entertain the Aliens, If you brought the video camera give your group 10 points.

The religious leader gives good sermons- if he joined you your group gets 5 points

Your group grabs the four chosen members and the five choices of gear, and you jump into the space shuttle’s escape pod. As you descend to the planet, the shuttle behind you explodes. all items that you left behind are destroyed, and all persons on the ship perish. Your Escape capsule lands on this new planet roughly.

As you exit the escape pod, the aliens emerge. They are the REKELEMUH. this species had been encountered on previous a.m.e.r.i.c.a. missions. Therefore, a.m.e.r.i.c.a. knows of their language and you may be able to communicate with them.
The threatened REKELEMUH have superior weapons and are poised to attack...
the doctor is alive and can give the group directions on how to help the injured.
if you took the doctor, give your group 15 points
if you took the nurse, the medical aid is improved.
give your group 10 points
if you took the first-aid kit, give your group 10 points.
if you took the medicine, give your group 5 points.

if you took the guns and ammunition, they attack you to protect themselves
your group loses 30 points

if you took the army knives, they attack you, but their attack is less severe.
your group loses 10 points

These aliens prefer not to attack; if you took the peace offering, the aliens greet your group peacefully - give your group 20 points

Assign these jobs to your group members
Decision Documentarian


Task Monitor

[the remaining group members]
Decision Contributor(s)
Following the landing, there are several injuries. Even If the aliens didn’t attack your group, there are still injuries from the explosion on the ship and the rough landing in the escape pod. If you were attacked, there are even more injuries.
At night, wild alien animals threaten your safety. You have to stand guard in shifts to protect yourselves. You need shelter for protection from the animals and the elements.
The aliens are beginning to tire of your company. You have decided to connect and entertain them to develop your friendship.
if you took the Oxygen tanks- your group gains 30 points

If you took the seeds you can quickly and easily grow more food- your group gains 20 points

If you brought the teacher she is skilled at setting up the farm- your group gains 10 points.
if you took the matches you will be able to create a fire easily to cook your food- your group gains 10 points

if you took the medicine, you will be able to ease a foul stomach-your group gains 20 points

if you took the scientist she can help you see what is edible - your group gains 30 points

If you took the interpreter, give your group 10 points.

If you took the translation book, give your group 5 points.

if you took the engineer he can build a strong shelter and animal traps- your group gains 30 points

if you took the tools, it will be easier to construct your shelter-your group gains 10 points

if you took the candles AND matches
give your group 20 points by keeping your campsite lit to discourage the animals.

The REKELEMUH are beginning to trust you now. They show you their command center that is nearly complete. Their radio isn’t working and they need some parts....
If you brought the radio your group gets 50 points
After more time, the radio is working and the REKLEMUH are able to contact earth. astronauts from a.m.e.r.i.c.a. send a rescue mission and you are saved. when you arrive on earth many people want documentation of your journey.
If you brought the video camera your group gets 40 points
Tally your score
What Happened?

Looking back, what would you have done differently?
After several months in space your group begins to need more supplies. You have depleted the abundant natural food supply. your oxygen generators use the food of four people per day to create breathable air for your group.
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