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weston balvanz

on 11 May 2010

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WELCOME TO URUGUAY Montevideo Place Location H E interaction Movement Region Extra HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT Montevideo,the capital
34 degrees South 56 degrees West. Melo 32 degrees south
54 degrees west. Melo 32 degrees
South 54 degrees
West. Artigas 30 degrees south
56 degrees west. Uruguay has 3 neighbors.
Theese neighbors include
Argentina, Brazil, and the
Atlantic ocean. The population of Uruguay is around 3.5 million people. In Montevideo, there is 1.5 million people. allmost half the population! In Uruguay they mostly speak
Spanish and Italian. Uruguay is known for its beautiful Scnic Vistas. (beach) There are a lot of animals in Uruguay. Endangered animals;
Blue Whale
Giant Armadillo
Giant Otter
Sei Whale Dangerous Animals;
Giant Anteater
Mash Deer
Sperm Whale
Strange Big-Eared Brown Bat Uruguay's most valuable resourse is it fertal land used for aguculture and livestock. Their industries include agriculture, meet production, wool, footwear, and fishing.
Some of their crops would include; wheat, rice, corn, and sorghum. Uruguay has school K-12, but some people stay home and help their family. In Uruguay their job are farming,
fishing, factory work, and much more. In Uruguay they have many historical events. In 1726 the Spanish took over and found Montevideo. The War of Independence from
Spain was on 1811. Uruguay legalize devorcements in 1907. They gave the women the
right to vote in 1932. There was a Civil War Between whites
and reds in 1839 and ended in 1851. The most important holiday in Uruguay is New Years Day.
They also have Easter, Labor Day, Landing of the Thirty-Three
Patriots, Christmas and many more. On New Years Eve and
and Christmas Eve they have lots of fire works. The average precipitation in Uruguay is 1,100 mm.. It is also hot during winter and cool during summer. The Recreational activities include soccer,
basket ball, volleyball, cycling, and swimming. In Uruguay they have a president, some governors,
and mayors just like we do. Uruguay is divided into 19 providents while we are divided into 50 states. They speek mostly Italian and
Spanish in Uruguay. In Uruguay they have no oficial
religion, but are mostly cathlic. People in Uruguay mostly ride on busses or
drive their own car, but also can ride in taxis. Their exported goods include
grain, sugurecane, corn,
sugurebeets, rice, wheat,
barly, and oats. In Uruguay they mostly play soccer, but also play basketball, rugbee, and tennis. In Uruguay they have very interesting food.
Some of their favorites are Mailaneshas, Chivetos,
and Millenesamaeolitanas with salad.
When men are working, they wear darksuits and
ties. When women are working, they wear skirts.
When they aren't working, they wear bright colors. Famous people include Fabain a musician,
Delcopo a director, and Serah a scallar. Ther are a few tourist atractions in uruguay.
They include River Delta, Pinsadelesta, and Lolena Suesa. In Uruguay they have good
litercy and art raights.
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