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BTS Investment 2017

No description

bjoern kirchhof

on 5 July 2016

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Transcript of BTS Investment 2017


Scope of Work:

• multiple contract templates per hotels
(controlled at central level)

• Ability to output the contract in a professional format
(ready to be sent to client)

• Contract outputs should be editable

• Needs to function as a contract app, not an RFP app

• ability to collect additional information (for rateloading)
BTS - (Nexus - Sabre Hotel RFP) Investment Schedules 2017
Sabre Hotel RFP -> 9000Hrs* Nexus -> 7000Hrs*
incl. Maintenance & Enhancement
SHRFP infrastructure:

Oracle Migration-300hrs
Visual Content API Migration -250hrs
Flex API Integration-100hrs
Enterprise Common platform reporting-500hrs
Google maps to MapQuest migration-200hrs
PHP Upgrade-500hrs
API integration between SHRFP & Nexus
Nexus re-platform
->Transfer SHRFP functionality

BTS Booker Data To/From EDAP
BTS Platform to SPS
Nexus CR content interface
Local Contract
Dashboard &
Reporting Suite
Nexus :

Annual Consortia Mapping
Enhancements & Debugging
Client Custom Development
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