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Researching for your media dissertation 2015

No description

Eleri Kyffin

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of Researching for your media dissertation 2015

Collect your references
E-shelf in library search
Refworks account
reference management
"Cite n write"
others available
e.g. Zotero,

Library Search
Books (e-books and print)
Academic Journal articles e.g. "articles and more"
E-resources :
Statistics - e.g. Mediatel, Statista
Newspapers - Factiva
Marketing reports - e.g. Mintel
Broadcast material - Box of Broadcasts
Opinion pieces /journalism/ magazines
Research cycle
think of ways to generate or seek ideas for your research and dissertation
generate keywords
understand the variety and types of information available in the library
identify good quality sources
know where to go for help researching
identify other libraries that you can use
Journal articles and general searching for terminology or other words
Consider your sources
Opinion pieces - blogs, newspapers and magazines
Academic sources - books and journals
Trade and industry - magazines and websites
Popular - books and magazines
Media content - television, radio, online
Statistics - industry bodies, government, market research
Academic sources
Citation indexes - Google scholar http://scholar.google.co.uk/, Web of Knowledge
Library help

Other Libraries
Access Scheme
Searching other libraries catalogu
es e.g. COPAC - www.copac.ac.uk
Inform25 http://www.inform25.ac.uk/Link/
Requesting items from other libraries
After today's session you will be able to:
Eleri Kyffin

Your dissertation
Eleri Kyffin


All images used under the cc licence
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