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How is Plant Cell like a Castle?

Science 10-pIB Assignment, How is Plant Cell like a Castle. Due On: Wednesday March 16th, 2011

Animesh Sharma

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of How is Plant Cell like a Castle?

How is Plant Cell like a Castle? PLant Cells have a Cell Wall. Castles have a Moat. How does this make them alike?
Like the Cell wall the moat is a primarary barrier.
Moat allows only the stuff which can swim or float across it through (this means no war machineary gets through).
Cell Wall only allows the stuff which can fit through it's pores. 1. 2. Mitchondria is the cell's Kitchen. How?
Kitchen is where your food is cooked and prepared for you to eat.

Like the kitchen, Mitochondria produces a chemical for the body know as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Vacuoles are same as the Storage Room. 3. What's the Outer Bailey?
Outer Bailey is the area where the servants, soilders, peasants lived. The outer Bailey is the Production area of the castle (The Cheap Production Area). The outer bailey can be considered the nutrient source for a cell (Blood stream). the cell can be considered the castle itself (Centeral Castle).
Only what is allowed can get through everything else can't. 5. The Nucleus is the Throne Room of the cell. The Nucleus is the part of the cell where all the genetic information for the cell is stored. It regulates the cells movement, and what the cell does. This can be compared to the Throne room. In the throne room the king makes/announces his dissisions which affect the citzens of his country (similar to the cell). In the throne room is the king who can be compared to the gentic information, he responds to the issues just like a cell would to a cell would. By: Animesh Sharma How is a Vacuole similar to a Storage room.
Storage Room is where people put there stuff, and keep
it there until needed.
Vacoules are used to store enzymes, nutrients and water. Cell Membrane is the same as the outer bailey. 4. Thank You for Watching. For Refrences, Please Press the Forward Button Once More. Referneces:
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