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Chapter 2 Exploration

Europeans in the "New World"

Josh Kivi

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 2 Exploration

Exploration Notes
Settlements in N. America
Iceland (874)
Greenland (980's)
Nefoundland 1000
Other Finds

Amerigo Vespucci
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Ferdinand Magellan
Technology-Caravels and Astrolabe.
Religious-Spread Christianity
Economic reasons to reach Asia. (1488-1498)
Who are the Vikings
Henry The Navigator
de Gama
Which European culture group was the 1st to reach North America?
What was the importance of Portuguese exploration?
Christopher Columbus
Italian seeking new route to Asia.
Gains support from Spanish rulers. (1492)
Sails to Caribbean Sea islands and Mesoamerica.
Columbian Exchange- The exchange of goods and disease from Europe to the America.
As a group come up with a complaint toward
Columbus. What might be a problem they have?
What did Columbus gain for the King and Queen of Spain?
Now that Colunbus has found land, how does his
focus change? What does he want?

How do you think this will influence future explorers?
Leif Eriksson
I can identify the contributions of explorers prior to Columbus by writing a list of who and where they sailed.
Line of Demarcation
Conquistadors- Spanish soldiers who led military expeditions into the Americas.
Cortes-In 1519 he sails from Cuba to Mexico to conquer
Aztec empire.

Pizarro- By 1534 he and his soldiers had captured many of the Inca's major cities. Their conquest through South America, along with Cortes in Mexico is estimated at killing 3/4 of the native population.
Juan Ponce de Leon

From 1509-1511 he conquered Puerto Rico and explored
the Florida coast looking for the fabled fountain of
youth. He is credited as the first European to explore in present day America.
Magellan-first crew to circumnavigate the world. 1519-1522
Cabeza de Vaca- In 1528 he set out to explore
N.America but soon became stranded and short on supplies. He was captured by natives and traveled from tribe to tribe in the Southwest, eventually reaching Mexico City. His memoirs would increase interest in the New World.
Hernando de Soto- was the first explorer to find the Mississippi River in 1541 while traveling through present day America.
Protestant Reformation- religious movement that
protested the Catholic Church's practice, believing
it had become to powerful.

England no longer recognized the Pope but said the King was the leader of the church.

Please complete the following explorers in the remaining boxes. Once you have finished your summaries please begin creating your timeline.
Henry Hudson pg. 54
Jacques Cartier pg. 54
John Cabot pg. 54
R.R. de La Salle pg. 55-56
How did Columbian Exchange impact The Americas?
Was Columbian Exchange a good or bad thing?
How would the defeat of the Spanish Armada change Trans-Atlantic Trade?
Search for the Northwest Passage
Please take five minutes to brainstorm you Book Cover. It should include:
A title
Image that illustrates Columbian Exchange.
Must be hand drawn, colored and show effort.
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