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No description

Kristin Ferreira

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Marketing

ROCKSTAR Rockstar energy drink was founded by Russel Goldencloud Weiner, who dealt with tradional medicine.
Russel's parents assisted him to create the Rockstar formulations.
The company was formed in Las Vegas, which led to Rockstar's edgy image. The company even adapted he popular slogan "Party Like a Rockstar".
One of Rockstar's primary ingredients that makes the drink unique is the milk thistle substance which is known to help with hangovers, and protect and regenerate the liver.
Rockstar's main goal is to provide an energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles, whether it be an athlete, rockstar, or any average consumer. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Double the size of an average energy drink, for the same price
Available in most stores
Ingredients include vitamins, amino acids and the unique herb substance: milk thistle
Unique identity ("Party Like a Rockstar")
Low in sugar and carbohydrates
Sponsor many radical sporting and music events
Many choices of flavors to choose from
Comes in alcoholic beverages
Boosts energy
Energy Drink business is growing
Double the size of it's leading competitor: Red Bull
Reduces hangovers Weaknesses Package Design
Lack of awareness
Lack of advertising
Synthetic ingredients
Cannot consume too much
Audience is not aware of the multiple flavors OPPORTUNITIES Promoting brand identity with the involvement of activities
Target young consumers such as college students
New Media advertising
Begin advertising through television
Environmentally friendly packaging
Offer product in a variety of size
Promote sales/offer samples & coupons THREATS Long term health effects
Cheap beverages
Other energy drinks such as Red Bull on the market The energy drink industry is currently booming, with more and more brands being released. Red Bull is Rockstar’s primary competitor as they
hold the majority of the market. Energy drink companies tend to associate themselves with sports, and multiple energy driven activities giving
themselves the opportunity to conquer that market. Red Bull has one outstanding advantage allowing them to dominate the industry at this time;
effective advertising.

A primary issue we have discovered with Rockstar is their lack of advertising. Rockstar has become a commonly known energy drink as a result of in-store advertising, and word of mouth. Our objective is to spread brand awareness by producing a single page ad as a basis for a possible campaign, a direct mail piece, and a re-designed package. We believe introducing these creative aspects will be the solution to any issues Rockstar is currently facing. Rockstar sponsors many radical sporting events .
This has done a wonderful job of getting the name out there and branding it as “the world’s most powerful energy drink”.
“You don’t have to be a Rockstar to party like a Rockstar” campaign
This campaign will cater to teenagers and college students
Rockstar is not simply for athletes and rockstars, but for anyone looking for a boost of energy and to have a good time
We have provided a single page ad to establish the concept of the campaign
The campaign would continue with magazine ads conveying the same theme, but dealing with radical activities (i.e. a teenage boy standing covered in mud and wounds, with a broken dirt bike laying flat down to his side). As mentioned before, Rockstar sponsors many radical sporting events and concerts. In relation to the “you don’t have to be a Rockstar to party like a Rockstar” campaign, a direct mail piece will be sent out in relation to a contest.
Attached to the side will be a “look-a-like” concert stub containing a code.
This code will give a chance to attend the festival, and party with their favourite rockstars. A distinct flaw in Rockstar’s marketing derives from their packaging.
Our solution is a modernized design of the Rockstar can.
To easily decipher the fourteen different varieties Rockstar has to offer, a consistent colour will be used to signify a specific flavor.
The colour will be used for the name, the logo, the tab, and minor details found on the design. The background colour would remain as a matte black for all varieties, including the top of the can.
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