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chain of infection - chicken pox

No description

julie chau

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of chain of infection - chicken pox

CHICKEN POX INFECTIOUS AGENT varicella-zoster virus
(of the herpes family) RESERVOIR PORTAL
OF ENTRY it enters the body through : MODE OF TRANSMISSION PORTAL
OF EXIT SUSCEPTIBLE HOST CHAIN OF INFECTION in the fluid of the blister-like vesicular rash in the respiratory tract even before onset of symptoms in the nervous system after the rash resolves; it can reappear as shingles tiny droplets
(from the mouth/nose) humans who : it leaves the body through : the fluid
(in the blisters) pregnant woman can pass it on to her baby the respiratory tract
(from inhaling tiny droplets) the eyes, nose, or mouth
(from touching blister fluid) have never had the chicken pox before have not received the vaccine airborne

infected person sneezes

tiny droplets are released into air

non-immune person inhales it direct contact

non-immune person touches blister fluid

non-immune person touches their eyes, nose, or mouth
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