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Have People become too Dependent on Technology?

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brittany bush

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Have People become too Dependent on Technology?

Have People Become too Dependent on Technology?
By Brittany Bush
Mrs. Kennedy
June 27 2011 Sparked during the 1900’s, it is evident that people’s technological dependence has ideologically devalued human existence through false self empowerment in education, social culture, artificial intelligence, and so forth. -Your computer, Iphones,earbuds, cellphones, and tvs may seem like the most important aspect of your life
- Its important to disconnect yourself from them and see how the excessive appeal to technology has dominated people's lives
-To adopt a futuristic society and prevent reverting to a futuristic society, people have become primitive. Artficial Intelligence - " AL" is a milestone in modern scientific discovery.
- It aims to convey human-like characteristics like facial
expressions and emotions in robots and other computer
- The basic ideal of it is to depend on technology to perform
basic aspects of life for us.
- Self check-out registers and automatic parking cars are basic
examples that follow the same ideas as artificial intellgience. Thesis Introduction Negative Effects of Artificial Intelligence - -Forms of artificial intellgence elimate jobs because it replaces
human capabilities.
- Replacement of human occupations has crashed economies.
- It makes us as human-beings not value ourselves and ignore
our own talents and abilities. Gradual Historical Movement - The issue of dependence on technology was a gradual movement that became evident in the early to late 1900s. Technology improved leisure and communcations which caused a mass rise. automobile, radio,motion pictures "New technology publicized the new life style of urban America for the increased homogenization of popular culture” Cyber Socializing Facts - At the end of 2004 70 million adults logged on the internet everday in the U.S.
- 63% of adults report to be avid users of the internet on a daily basis.
- 87% of teenagers report being avid users of the internet on a daily basis.
- “Over the past 15 years, a slew of new Internet applications — from chat rooms to instant messaging and, most recently, social-networking Web sites — have made online socializing easier than ever."
- Employees spend atleast 40 minutes a week on social networking websites. -Cyber-world it has its disadvantages as dependence upon it becomes too extreme and hinders people from forming relations with the outside world.
- It is a new trend that has reached its pinnacle, and inhibits people from performing basic face-to face interactions.
- Nowadays, people depend on texting, instant messaging, and "facebooking" to interact in a friendly and even intimate manner.
- Do we forget how to function in society? Technology and Medicine Common Facts - " The rates of Americans getting MRI's and CT scans trippled between 1996 and 2006, according to the report released today from the National Center for health statistics."
- 70% of people in the last decade have taken advantage of the new medical technologies and participated in plastic surgery. Even doctors have overused medical technology with diagnostic and screening tests out of fear of missing a diagnosis. Education - Begins to stray away
from traditional books and writing. - kindles, nooks, and Ipads are now constantly uses in school systems Poorer and public schools won't the same chance with new technology as other students can. --57% of students say technology relieves the stress of school. - Higher level thinking is possible without the overuse of technology. Conclusion Technology has become the backbone on which society functions and has dominated areas such as medicine, education, socializing, and intelligence. Technology is often seen as infallible and people's dependence on it has ultimately hindered society. Disclaimer: "Certain materials are included under the fair use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law and have been prepared according to the multimedia fair use guidelines and are restricted from further use.
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