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What is dialect?

No description

Megan Lane

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of What is dialect?

What did he say?

When Chris speaks in the novel, he is sometimes difficult to understand. Why is this?
Share out thoughts as a class.
Dialect Video
Why do authors sometimes choose to have the characters speak using a dialect?
Do people who live in different regions all speak the same? For example, do people who live in South Carolina sound the same as people who live in New York City?
Think independently, then you will share your thoughts with a partner. Be ready to share out.
This is DIALECT.
Differences in speech habits are what make dialects. Speakers pronounce words differently. They use different words for the same thing. And they sometimes put words together in different ways. Different regions use a different dialect.
Let's see what this sounds like. Watch the video!
Dialect in The Perilous Road
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