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Taylor Lautner

on 4 January 2010

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Transcript of DoNotSmoke

Smoking By Sheenal Madhwan Block C Info Tech Vaguely, smoking is bad... In more detail, smoking can cause stroke and addiction to it. Stroke is...
narrows to the arteries to your brain
Stroke can cause :
permanent paralysis
inability to speak
and at times even death Addiction is...
when you can't control how much you want something Most people find it very difficult to quit smoking. Even if they now how bad it is for your health. Tobacco is the reason for 15, 500, in other words, 12% percent of the deaths in Australia! When you inhale any type of burning tobacco, it's very harmful to your body and health. It can be harmful to any part of the body, organs included. Second hand smoking is even worse than smoking itself. Here are some pictures of what could happen to you... Smoking kills more then car accidents.... If you want to quit.... Most people find it very difficult to quit smoking. Most have tried so much, but are still addicted. But the sooner and younger you decide to quit, the better. So please, let' not make another death happen. Don't smoke for your own benefit.
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