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Now is The Time For Running

No description

Liam Rathbun

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Now is The Time For Running

A riot breaks out in a town Deo and Innocent are staying and they get split up. Then Deo finds out someone close to him has died. If you want find out who, you should READ THIS BOOK.
Captain Washington sends the brothers to see Mai Maria. She is the one who helps then cross the border into South Africa. Many events go on such as they get jobs, Innocent almost drowns, and they are chased by lions and a hyena
Rising Action
Deo and innocents home town of Gutu is in invaded by soldier. Their mom and grandpa are killed. They are the only known survivors.
After a close relatives death, Deo gets into drugs. More specifically sniffing glue. He does it because it slows everything down and takes his mind off the death. He is then taken into a rehab soccer team.
Falling Action
The book is by Michael Williams
Its genre is Realistic Fiction
It is Set in Gutu, Zimbabwe and many different places in South Africa
The Two main characters are Deo and Innocent Nyandoro

About The Book
Now is The Time For Running
Deo and his team fight their way through the street World Cup in Africa. They get to the championship game but the book is a cliffhanger so you never know who wins.
Why I Recommend This Book
This presentation was made by Liam Rathbun
Innocent Nyandoro
Deo Nyandoro
He is 15 years old
Born in Gutu, Zimbabwe
Looks after older brother
Great soccer player
Hard times lead to drugs
He is 25 years old
Born in Gutu, Zimbabwe
Has a mental disability
Loves the radio
Cant go anywhere unless he has his Bix-Box
It is for young adults
It is very realistic
Has many meaningful themes
Easy to understand
4.8 stars-Amazon.com

4.5 stars-Barnes & Noble

4 stars-Goodreads
Where Can You Get This Book
Barnes and Noble for $7.73
Amazon.com for $7.73
Google Play for $7.59
Or borrow it at from a local library

* All prices are for Paperback version only

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