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No description

Rasmus Tågerud

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Globalisation

Opportunities and Risks of Globalisation
Development of a world economy
• Child labour
International integration.

Creates stronger links.

All fields.

Cultural and social networking
Global trade
Brings cultures and societies together
New Laws
Free trade
Large companies are moving out
Is there a global society?
Technological progress
Winners in the north and losers in the south?
Low labour costs
Buy Fair Trade
The most important element.
Advantages and disadvantages:
Push out local or national culture
Mutual language
Peace and prosperity for all?
Democracy is spreading
New technology allows terrorism in a new way
Makes the world "smaller"
Outlook for the future
• Fair Trade
• Is This The End?
• "Winners and Losers"
The Future
Cross-border threats.
New type of terrorism.
More connected and networked.
Internet - main medium
The future
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