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Parts of the Brain: Superhero Project

A project for my AP Psychology class.

Zoid Xsa

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Parts of the Brain: Superhero Project

Parts of the Brain: Superhero Project
serves as a pathway for nerve fibers connecting the cerebral cortex with the cerebellum, circulating messages between the two, and is also responsible for regulating arousal, and sleep.
Sarah Bellum
is also known as the "little brain". It takes part in decision making and balance. It also helps coordinate muscle responses throughout the body.
Thalamus Thelma
works as an operator, sending and receiving signals throughout the body. It also involves all senses, aside from smell.
is located underneath the thalamus, and works alongside the pituitary gland, functioning to regulate bodily temperature, certain metabolic processes, and other autonomic activities.

Lefty Lucy
This scaled savior used to be just a normal man, until a toxic swim in a radioactive pit caused his medulla to stop functioning. While this
have killed him, resulting radioactivity helped him live almost as if he was a zombie. Without being held back by his medulla, he can now spend much more time underwater, without worrying about breathing, never has to eat, and can perform strenuous activities without his heartbeat catching up to him.
The Hippo
is a ridge in the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain that consists mainly of gray matter, and has a central role in memory processes. Without the hippocampus, new memories cannot be made.
Amy G. Dala
is a neural cluster in the limbic system that is linked to emotion. The amygdala mainly influences the emotions of rage and fear, and plays a role in the perception of these emotions, as well as the processing of emotional memories.
occipital lobe
is the portion of the cerebral cortex that receives information from visual fields. It is located towards the lower rear of the head.
The Listener
temporal lobe
is the lower lateral lobe of either cerebral hemisphere, located in front of the occipital lobe and containing the sensory center of hearing in the brain.
frontal lobe
is part of the cerebral cortex which fall right behind the forehead, and it is influential in speaking, muscle movements and making plan and judgements

The Forerunner is the eldest of the group, and had recently been demoted to sidekick for that reason. Runner, the son of a wealthy, yet corrupt, scientist, was injected with an undisclosed serum at a young age, and its effects have begun to wear off. As he's aged, his ability to speak, force voluntary muscle movements, and make sound judgements has continued to disintegrate, debilitating his youthful form. Although he still remains influential to others within the group, he no longer carries the same power he once did.
primary motor cortex
is a region of the cerebral cortex concerned with transmitting impulses to the

Motorpsycho is, essentially, the ultimate superhero. Completely man-made, Motorpsycho had been "constructed" entirely out of pseudo-biological material by two scientists, Hitzig and Fritsch. Due to his ability to utilize every muscle in his body to its fullest potential, Motorpsycho's formidable speed and agility make him out to be
the opponent.
Sentido del Tacto
somatosensory cortex
is an area of the brain, located in the parietal lobe, that processes sensory input from the skin, muscles, joints, touch, temperature, pain, and pressure and allows us to perceive the size, shape, and texture of an object via touch.

The Hippo was, at some point, a superhero, powerful enough to save entire cities at a time. However, after suffering critical damage to his hippocampus, he became unable to develop any new memories. With this handicap, The Hippo has no recollection of events that have occurred since his accident, and, as new superheros and villains begin to occupy the surrounding areas, he cannot differentiate between the two. The Hippo doesn't know
his enemy is, and therefore, cannot fight them.
As a child, Amy was always calm and collected. However, after an unexplainable accident at a young age, her amygdala was damaged, and became hyper sensitive. Whenever Amy is put through stressful situations, she becomes unable to control her then induced feelings of rage and aggression. When stimulated, Amy has been known to destroy entire buildings, and act aggressively towards innocent bystanders. Amy is also able to depict whether opponents or citizens are enraged or fearful, enabling her to target weak victims.
Occipit-Albert, due to an immoral series of experiments, has been blessed with unimaginably precise sight. His occipital lobe processes visual information
more efficiently than normal humans. This provides Al with a significant advantage, and is able to spot things much more quickly than opponents, allowing him to, for instance, dodge a falling object. He's constantly aware of his surroundings, and is rarely caught off-guard.
The Forerunner
left hemisphere
is the portion of the brain that deals with language processessing in a logical, sequential order.

Lefty Lucy is a substantially independent and intelligent woman, fighting injustice with nothing but the power of logic. She was born with an inactive right hemisphere and, in effect, developed a radically dominant left hemisphere. Her complex system of organization assists with secretarial duties, if not saving the world. Her casual and humanistic appearance make it possible to blend in with the greater public, as well.
right hemisphere
is the portion of the brain that deals with the visual aspect of learning, along with one’s thoughtful, subjective and intuitive interpretation.

After continual defeats in scuffles between Lefty Lucy and herself, Rémi conformed to villainy, and gradually rose to become the overlord of all evildoers. Over spans of time, Rémi heavily trained herself, with the guidance of Sarah Bellum, and had grown immensely powerful. She was blessed with a keen acumen for interpreting others, and visually observing those who may be a threat to herself.
The Listener, an interstellar being, was born with the ability to hear almost anything, due to his species' evolutionary sensitive temporal lobe. This heightened ability allows him to easily eavesdrop on villains from unimaginably far distances, as well as anticipating attacks.
The Medullizard
is the base of the brainstem. It's in charge of regulating the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, swallowing , and vomiting.
Ponstoppable, a budding superhero, became said hero when he participated in an undisclosed experimental study that radically effected his brain, causing his pons to grow immensely, and eventually assume control over him. Currently, he's positioned as a sidekick to Sarah Bellum & Cerebruman. He works just as his pons would, relaying messages between his two companions. However, due to his powers, he'll always be limited to a sidekick; he's easily stimulated, and performs his job well, yet falls into somewhat of a coma when sleeping.
Sarah Bellum was born with a chemical unbalance in her brain, resulting in her cerebellum assuming more control than any other part of her brain. This provided her with super strength (due to her unnaturally quick muscle responses) as well as advanced intelligence.
Thalamus Thelma had been exposed to radioactive material as a teen, resulting in somewhat of an expanded thalamus. Soon after, she received such powers as x-ray vision, advanced auditory sensing, heightened sense of touch, as well as oversensitive taste buds. The only caveat? She can't smell anything whatsoever. Her powers are accompanied by her elevated speed, helping her send, and receive, messages to and from other superbeings.
Hypothalaman, living in a house closely neighboring Thalamus Thelma's, had been exposed to similar thalamic radioactivity. However, he'd only lodged in said house for a brief amount of time, and his resulting powers reflected this. Though he isn't as capable as her, he works alongside Thelma as a detective of sorts, possessing a keen sense of smell, as well as taste.
parietal lobe
is the portion of the cerebral cortex located at the top rear of the head that receives sensory input for touch and body position.

Parie-Talia has difficulty processing sensory information due to biological decomposition of her parietal lobe. She's been demoted to sidekick status, as she isn't of much assistance during battle. Talia's sense of touch is particularly weak compared to her counterparts, and, due to said decomposition, her sense of balance and body position has been weakened, as well.
Tacto, a being from the planet Somatos, had been born with an ineffective sensory cortex. Due to this, he's blessed with the inability to feel pressure, heat or other obstacles that may cause him pain. Sentido del Tacto, taking into account his abilities, is one of the most durable of the group. Although, his inability to perceive physical sensations can cause him to be completely oblivious to serious situations; for instance, the loss of a limb.
Brock & Nickie
Broca's Area
is a section located in the frontal lobe usually of the left cerebral hemisphere associated with the motor control of speech.
Wernicke's Area
is a section in the posterior temporal lobe of the left hemisphere of the brain involved in the recognition of spoken words.

Brock spoke with a speech impediment when he was a young boy. Over several years, though, he taught himself how to correctly enunciate words, and his vocabulary grew vastly. He joined chorus in high school, and his instructor taught him how to efficiently control the amount of air he let loose from his lungs. Brock found that he could use this newfound skill to create a sonic boom of sorts that would knock his enemies out cold. His twin, Nickie, was a military brat; moving frequently around the world. She was born in the Philippines and from then on never stayed in one place longer than 6 months. This made it difficult for her to make friends, but she
learn every language of every location she was residing in. Nickie utilizes this skill to assist Brock with communing with foreigners, and rarely leaves his side.
Anthony Grubb & Rebecca Anderson
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