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Technology Integration

No description

Kelly Gorcica

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Technology Integration

Meet the creator:
How do you effectively integrate technology into the classroom?
Technology Integration
My name is Kelly Gorcica. I am a childhood and special education major with a minor in instructional technology. I am focusing on integrating technology into a 2nd grade classroom since that is what grade I want to teach.
The use of computers and computer programs in different areas of education in order to allow students to learn computer and technology skills. It makes lessons engaging and keeps students interested.
It is easy! Consider these examples but the list is endless
4. Have your students blog instead of writing journals
Incoporating technology into your classroom is vital in today's modern age. In the competitive age that we live in today students must learn to efficiently use computers,use the internet and master technology in general. Using technology in the classroom engages students.
Technology Integration Philosophy
What is technology integration?
Integrating technology into the classroom benefits all students. It allows them to have a hands on learning experience while getting the benefit of technology. Not convinced? Maybe this will help.
Why integrate technology into the classroom?
1. Think of making your activities interactive in your lesson using the smartboard for example
2. Take quizzes using Senteos
3. Make a classroom website for students and parents to view
5. Make a podcast with your students and display it as a newsletter
6. Use digital cameras in a group project
Creating a website
Windows movie maker
Windows Publisher
Digital Cameras
Software, programs and educational technology familiar with
Have students create a podcast of a field trip they took to the zoo. Students can tell what there favorite part was or what animal was there favorite. You can insert in sound effects as well to make the podcast better. Students will love to show their families and friends what they have made!
Heres some examples of how to integrate technology
Wiki's are great for group projects. They allow for students to create a group workspace online that all group members can access. You can immediately get changes that a group member has made without having to wait for an email. Wiki's are the new group project maker of the century.
Have students type blogs instead of writing journals. They will be able to post them online so that their families can see it. It will allow students to use the internet to help them develop there blog as well.
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