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Creativity is all us

on 20 December 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Hello, that's me!
But... look
My name is Jana Horbach and I'm 15 years old. I'm actually living in Spain, in Barcelona, for almost 12 years now. Altogether I speak four languages: German, Spanisch, English and Catalan, and currently I'm also learning French.
I also love animals. We have a lot; most of them are rescues. Two dogs, two cats and two turtles.
This is Charly
And these two are Sultan and Dandu
My activities:
I love to do a lot of things like for example sports, reading, taking photos, photo editing, meeting my friends...
My sporting activities are karate, horseback riding, snowboarding and dancing.
I also love to listen to music; especially different types of genres like Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz, Pop, sometimes classic and much more...
And finally: traveling. I've been traveling around the world since I'm 6 years old, and I love it! You can see and learn so many
incredible things about each country!
What else?
Well, when I'm not outside or I'm just creative, I edit photos or develop posters (for school or for me) with Adobe
Photoshop (Elements), SketchBook, ArtRage Studio Pro, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (although I don't know the two last ones very well) on my MacBook Pro.
Here are some examples:
This is the cover from my music album, which I did totally by myself.
And this was a Spanisch homework.
(Photoshop helped me ;) )
Of course there are a lot of brands, that I like, but there are some favourites, which I like most:
First of all: Adidas. Ok, it might sound like a yes-person, but it's the truth. Since I did an internship last year at Adidas NEO label (Brand Marketing) I really LOVE Adidas! It is cool, it is different and it verifies. That's why I have a lot of different clothes of NEO, Originals, Performance and also a bag of Stella McCartney.
What I also like to wear are trousers from Pepe Jeans and, as all girls of my age, I also shop at New Yorkers sometimes.
I don't like...
But of course there are brands that I don't like:
Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada or other overpriced brands, which are boring and sometimes even ugly.
Why I would like to do the internship:
As I mentioned before, I did an internship at NEO Brand marketing last year and I was, since then, really interested in doing something like this again. And as I am also really interested in design (as I saw some of the designers of NEO last year I got even more interested) I thought that I, maybe, could do a work experience there.
I also want to learn how it really works, how to develop new and fresh ideas and I would really like to collect new experience and learn a lot of new and cool things.
Thank you for watching my presentation! I hope you enjoyed it!
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