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Creating Whole School Marketing Buy-in at Your School

Presented by Sarah McDonough and Kate Prahlad, Wakefield School, The Plains, VA

Wakefield School

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Creating Whole School Marketing Buy-in at Your School

"Personality" Portraits
Up-To-Date Classroom Shoots
Marketing Campaigns
Print - Direct Mail
Online - Website Features
Creating Whole School Marketing Buy-in
At Your School

What Didn't Work
Phrases and philosophies like "We are all marketers"
A direct, top-down approach
Unintentional classroom visits
Telling faculty to practice elevator speeches,
write white papers,
attend seminars,
wear Wakefield gear,
approach people at the grocery store,
brag about themselves and the school.
Let us know what you think!
Tell us now!
Rate us later!
In the 2015 NAIS Annual Conference Mobile App. Go to the workshop listing, click on the
tab and choose
Rate Session
to provide valuable feedback on the our workshop, "Creating Whole School Marketing Buy-in At Your School."
Whooo Are We? Whooo Are You?
Feature Your Faculty
Measured Results
Meeting Halfway: The Blog
Those Intangible Results
Faculty Word of Mouth
Sharing cards and photos on Facebook with family and friends
Talking about the experience with visiting families
Talked about photo shoot experience with new faculty

Authenticity and Ownership
Faculty feel empowered, appreciated as the school's main marketing message
Became more confident and authentic talking about why they are at Wakefield and why they love teaching
Equipped with language and messages
Great photos of themselves!
What "Buy In" Looks Like
Learning Support Director/Dean of Faculty
Head of
Assistant Director of Admissions
Athletic Director
"Personality" Shoots
Updated Classroom Photos
Marketing Campaigns
Print - Direct Mail
Online - Website/Blog
Sarah McDonough and Kate Prahlad
Wakefield School, The Plains, VA

40 percent of our faculty have contributed to the blog, along with students, parents, and board members
71 percent of current faculty have participated in a personality photo shoot - some went twice!
31 percent have had a mailing card sent to thousands of prospective families
Public Relations
Public Relations
Don't forget to show and tell faculty what you are doing!
Admissions Newsletter and News Round-Up
Include faculty on your mailing list!
Tools and Tutorials
Give them the tools, tips, and tutorials to find where they're featured and to share it in whatever way they find easiest.
Direct Mail
Two-thirds of the Admissions and Marketing Department at Wakefield School in The Plains, Va.
Sarah McDonough - Director of Admission & Financial Aid
Kate Prahlad - PR and Marketing Coordinator

We are:
Name/School/Role at your school/Biggest challenge in marketing at your school
(Yes, we're the Owls.)
You are:
Time for Collaboration and Brainstorming
Take Away At Least Two Tangible Ideas For Your School
Goals for Today
And laugh!
Our Background
What We Wanted to Accomplish
Work with two teams instead of one
Unite the "faculty team" and the "marketing team"

Tell a powerful, authentic story
Source stories and content from individuals, teachers

De-mystify "marketing"
(for us)
We heard from faculty often that they wanted to help with marketing, BUT:
they weren't comfortable with technology
they feared we would not accurately represent them
they didn't know what we wanted
they were too busy

Enter: The Wakefield Owls Blog
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