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No description

Diana Guardado

on 16 December 2015

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1 – 2 Accomplishments to support your skills:

“For instance …..”
“I remember when …..”
“I demonstrated that when …..”
“An example is …..”
Know yourself and your resume
Anticipate questions in advance of
the interview (See CSC website)
Answer questions with STAR system:
S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action (use past tense action verb)
R – Result (quantify if possible)
Be able to answer
the organization
should hire you over other candidates
Speak clearly & thoughtfully-be specific
& concise
Research employer beforehand
(Why are you interested in the organization?)
Use an app such as Quizlet to write your answers down to common interview questions and then practice the answers as if you are studying for an exam.
Their Questions & Your Answers
Research the organization - know about any major news stories, recent changes, etc. (resources: online research, website, annual report, LinkedIn, current & former employees)
Have 2-4 questions prepared and written down (you might forget them)
If a question comes up for you during the interview, add it to your list
Your Questions & Their Answers
Ball Toss – What you learned?

Please take time to complete evaluation

THANK YOU for your time this evening.
Wrap- Up & Evaluation
GOOD ANSWER = 4 -6 Skills + 1 -2 Accomplishments

4 – 6 Skills Examples:
“I’m good at ____, ____, ____ and ____.”
“I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for being ____,____, ____, and ____.”
“My performance evaluations have stated that I’m ____, ____, ____ and ____.”
“Last summer in my internship, I honed my ____, ____, ____, and ____ skills.”
Good Answer
Icebreaker Activity
To enthusiastically present your qualifications/experiences
To obtain more information about the position/organization
To make a tentative decision about your match with the organization
Interviewing is an opportunity to brag legitimately in a nice tone of voice
Your Job Interview Objective
Employer will observe the following about you:
Communication Skills
Objective for Workshop
Be on time (10-15 minutes early)
Make a good first impression, feel comfortable with small talk
Bring paper, pen, extra copies of
resume in a portfolio (no backpack!)
Address interviewer by his/her name, and make eye contact
* Use firm handshake – (group exercise)
Dress professionally – appearance counts!
Greeting & Opening
Effective Interviewing Techniques
Presented by
Ellen Kelly Daley
Career Services Center

To impart knowledge, confidence and skills to be an effective interviewer
To answer your questions about how to best interview
What’s In It For You? A job or internship offer!!!!
Interviewing is like learning a new sport – you have to practice!!!
Learn and have fun!
Write out 4 statements about yourself.
Make 3 of them TRUE and 1 FALSE.

Ellen’s Examples:
I am from Missouri.
I love baseball, especially the Giants.
I don’t like sweets.
I’m Irish.
What the Interviewer Looks For
Skill/Technical Fit
“Cultural Fit”
Questions & Answers (continued)
Know thyself
What are your strengths/weaknesses?
How would your friends/co-workers describe you?
What do you consider to be your three greatest achievements?
What five words describe you?
Good Answer (continued)
Brainstorm & Practice
Write down 4 – 6 skills that you have
Write down 1 – 2 accomplishments that demonstrate them
Practice in dyads.

Ellen’s Example:
“I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for my counseling skills, including my ability to listen, develop rapport, show empathy, and quickly assess the client’s needs. For example, clients often email me after our sessions thanking me for the help I provided them in getting their job search on track. Additionally, I receive many word-of-mouth referrals from students who had a positive counseling experience with me.”
Find out what next steps are and when
you can expect to hear back from the
Ask if you may contact the company if
you have not heard within that time frame
Make sure you know the interviewer’s
name for follow-up
(ask for business card)
Make a grand exit (smile, eye contact,
firm handshake)
Send a thank you letter (TYPED!!!) within 48 hours after the interview

Be specific in what you talked about - no generic letters

If invited for a second interview, respond as soon as possible. Don’t keep them hanging.
Informational Interviewing
Different from a job interview;
you ask most of the questions
Goals of your visit/conversation
Offer brief overview of yourself and your background –
Good time to use 30 second pitch!
Have your questions answered
Learn more about the field, industry, & organization
Get additional names and suggestions
Avoid putting interviewee under pressure
Put to the test!!
On a scale from 1 – 10, how likely are you to actually do an informational interview?
(1 = not likely at all, 10 = definitely will do one and probably within 3 weeks)
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