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The Outsiders music prezi

No description

Jillian Vang

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders music prezi

BY: Jillian Vang "The Outsiders" Music Project "Wouldn't it be Nice" "You're so Good to me" The Beach Boys "I am the Walrus" The Beatles By: The Beach Boys Play song from 14 seconds through 34 This song reminded me about Ponyboy, Darry, and Soda. They wanted to stay together, but there could have been complications. Also, in some parts of the book, they didn't feel like they belonged in this world, especially Ponyboy. Released in January, 1966 Released in May 1956 Play 11-30 secs -Johnny always tried to help people -He also helped people when they
were in a bad mood. He tried to help
Ponyboy not take his death so hard. Released in 1966 "Elanor Rigby" By: The Beatles This reminded me about how Dally, and how others in the gang could feel very lonely. Also, about how Johnny would be totally alone without the gang. Released in 1966 "Here Comes the Sun" By: The Beatles Released in 1969 This reminded me about how Ponyboy likes to watch sunsets (or sunrises) and how it makes him happy and gives him help. Blackbird By: The Beatles Released in 1969 This song made me think about how Johnny's whole life was waiting up for the moment to save those kids. He was just waiting for that moment to come up, and when it did, he knew he had to save those kids. "All Shook Up" By: Elvis Presley Released in 1957 26 to 32 This song reminded me about how Dally got shot by the policemen, and how the bullets flew. Could be about the fire or when after Ponyboy almost drowns and he passes out. "Hound Dog" By: Elvis Presley Released in 1956 This reminded me about how Cherry was a spy ad that she also betrayed them. "The Fool in the Hill" By: The Beatles Released in 1967 These lyrics say about how there's a fool on the hill, which is how I imagine Johnny to feel like when he was sitting in the church on the hill wondering about what he did. "Ticket to Ride" By: The Beatles Released in 1965 This song reminded me about hoe Cherry could have ridden with her boyfriend, and also how the Socs always rod around in their fancy cars. Thanks for watching!
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